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Daria's Sexy Fitness Time

Daria's Sexy Fitness Time

Buxom and young, girl-next-door Daria has a workout session planned for today. It's nothing she can do in a regular gym although the guys there would love to see what she's doing and how she's doing it. Daria has her kettle bell and her big, bouncy workout ball. She's ready to get her big tits in motion and pump you up.

SCORELAND: You bike and like to work out. Are you a sports fan?

Daria: I like to watch football. Barcelona FC is the best.

SCORELAND: What do you do for fun?

Daria: I like to play table games and video games. I also like going to the theater and music concerts. Reading, watching TV and traveling.

SCORELAND: Do people call you by any nicknames?

Daria: I can remember only one. Queen B.

SCORELAND: Are other girls jealous of your looks and boobs?

Daria: Maybe so. But everyone has to love themselves as they are.

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Daria's Sexy Fitness Time

Daria's Sexy Fitness Time

It's fitness time for sexy, young Daria. Time to get those big tits in motion. Dousing her ripe rockets with cold water isn't part of the usual workout routine but it does stiffen the nipples.

Daria has a big exercise ball to bounce on and a kettle bell to swing. She's ready for an invigorating fitness session and then she's on to some juicy below-the-belt exercises and breast massaging.

SCORELAND: Daria, do you belong to a fitness center at home?

Daria: Not now. I prefer to do exercises outside in the fresh air.

SCORELAND: Russians love massages. Do you?

Daria: For sure. I like to relax after a hard day and a massage is a good way to do that. Massage has a long history in my country. I get breast massages sometimes also.

SCORELAND: Do you find yourself touching your boobs without thinking about it.

Daria: Yes, sometimes when I am waking up.

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Making Sparks

Making Sparks

Voluptuous Brandi Sparks calls herself a "professional masturbator." She had only done at-home cam shows before coming to The Big Show.

A well-rounded girl, Brandi said she used to be a tomboy and enjoys hiking, camping and four-wheeling. Watch out for those curves.

Alluring Brandi sucks cock and balls beautifully. She takes the beef-bone deep and hard in missionary, cowgirl and sideways before her pretty face is moisturized with the gift of man-juice.

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Making Sparks

Making Sparks

Girls from Ohio have a special homegrown style. Busty Ohioans past and present include Destiny Rose, Brandy Talore, Brandy Dean, Gabriella Michaels, Anastasia Blake and Taylor Hill. There should be many more but they're difficult to find.

Cincinnati Bengals fan, video gamer and Voluptuous model Brandi Sparks makes the sparks fly.

"I always swallow," Brandi said, and she does here, her pierced tongue flicking out to try to catch every drop. "I love doggie with hair-pulling and spanking. "I love a guy who knows what he wants."

Brandi said her special talent is "making guys cum with just my eyes." That would be difficult to film. She does have sexy green-eyes but Brandi makes Levi explode his load with her big tits, wet lips and young pussy-hole.

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Saya Song has to get a job thanks to her loser dad. He's got a gambling problem and now, the spoiled Princess, has to fend for herself. Not wanting to leave the house, she figures massaging people from home might be the best play for her. But when her first client walks in, she gets a blast from the past she wasn't expecting. Matt Sloan walks in and recognizes Saya immediately: he went to high school with her and remembers how she treated him. She tells him that she's changed but he's not so sure.

Matt has second thoughts and decides maybe it's best if he leaves but Saya needs this gig, and his money, and will do anything to make him stay. She promises that she'll give a massage he'll never forget. She entices him by taking off her lacy gown to reveal a two piece of sexy white lingerie. She starts taking off his clothes and as reluctant as he initially is, he eventually succumbs to her and lies down on the massage table. She oils up his back and gets to work telling him he won't regret staying. She has him flip over and holds the towel for him getting a nice peak at his huge package. She can't help but smile.

While she works up and down his legs she grabs his cock and starts jerking him off. Getting it nice and hard she puts it in her mouth and starts sucking it. Spitting on it she savors every lick, she takes of her panties and gets ready to put that hard cock inside her. She fucks him as she rides up and down on his hard dick. He flips her over and eventually cums inside her. She promised she would give him the massage special and she certainly delivered!

Top Secret Tits

Top Secret Tits

Top Secret Tits

Poland can be proud of Kora Kyrk. Any country that produces a big-chested exhibitionist like Kora should have national pride because so many governments and cultures inhibit sexual liberation.

A generation ago, Polish girls couldn't show their tits let alone rub one out except behind locked doors and drawn window shades. Sex toys were banned.

When freedom returned, sexuality exploded although not when it came to nude modeling and porn like it did in the Czech Republic.

"I masturbate every night before sleep if I am alone," said Kora. "I use a dildo and put petroleum jelly on it just to make it smoother. I use one hand to touch my nipples, the other hand to stick my dildo in and out and rotate. My nipples like pinching and pulling." Kora didn't become as famous as Polish princesses Ines Cudna and Vanessa Y.

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Top Secret Tits

Top Secret Tits

Kora's a total exhibitionist. She gets off on exposing her body, knowing her pictures will be seen by thousands of guys. She gets her kicks tweaking her nips, spreading her pussy, fucking it with a sex toy and tasting it after taking it out. Kora says she doesn't know why she's an exhibitionist. She just gets off on it.

"My sex fantasy is not really a fantasy, it is a goal," Kora told us. "I want to fuck for 12 hours straight. I feel that I would be capable of doing over 12 hours. My record now is six hours. I like a partner who is very active and sexual. Such a man must be in good health and physical shape. They are not that easy to find." Looks like Kora's a woman who knows what she wants.

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