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Stacked To The Max

Stacked To The Max

"I loved being an auto show model," Victoria Vale said about her early modeling days. "I was able to travel all over the world and meet so many interesting people. I wore beautiful, sexy outfits. The cars were very cool to see and learn about." The huge-breasted blonde makes her SCORELAND debut in this scene.

"I get a ton of attention because of the size of my breasts. They are hard to hide. I love the attention I get." We'd say Victoria's boobs are impossible to hide nor should she make any attempt to hide them. She definitely has all eyes checking her out when she leaves her house.

"I like to wear bras in the bedroom and when I want my boobs to really pop out in an outfit. If my dress is too skimpy, I have to skip the bra. I love Latex outfits and I have a chronic thigh-high and high heel fetish."

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Stacked To The Max

Stacked To The Max

Victoria Vale used to be a car show model. She traveled the world for this job and posed alongside the newest autos. If you've ever been to any major car show, you know that sexy girls and cool cars were made for each other.

Victoria's new to SCORELAND. She's a college football fan and likes to watch Tampa Bay Lighting hockey games. Victoria lives in Las Vegas. With her looks and really big boobs, it's her kind of town.

"I love spin class and I practice yoga for flexibility," Victoria said. "I like to buy my bras a few sizes too small so that they really pop out over the top of the bra and any shirt I wear. It's almost impossible to find sexy bras in my size. I have to get them custom-fitted."

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It seems booze makes girls horny because it rise their testosterone levels. Guys can hable their horniness better. Women, most of them, just want to sleep with everyone because being drunk makes girls lose your inhibitions. It’s all the same but because a culture thing, when a girl goes to a guy that means she is a desperate slut. When girls are drunk they have less inhibitions so they just say the true: they want to fuck.

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I know a lot of guys and girls who ask about if sex and alcohol are okay. A lot of people thinks it’s just wrong but I prefer to be neutral. If you watch these homemade porno movies showing drunk girls naked, you’ll see that they are enjoying it. I prefer to don’t do it but my gf likes beer so what happens when she is drunk?

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I think that having sex with your girlfriend when she is too drunk is boring but it worth talking about this so why do you want to fuck a drunk girl? Because they are more relaxed. Some girls use alcohol to get away shaming and guilty about wanting sex.

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What happen if you fuck and record on video a drunk girl? I mean, If she really want to do it, why not? She is not saying no just perhaps. Why is the bar so low for most guys? We have to make good decisions and I don’t care what adult women do. Anyway my question is why do men want to have sex with drunk girls over a sober? It’s acceptable for guys to get women drunk to fuck? Why do you think this is ok? The lack of decent girls in this world doesn’t mean that you can fuck her when they are drunk. When the girl is drunk still being able to decide what she wants. Anyway, this is the dumbest drug ever. Anyone who drinks must be responsible for their actions..

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You know, being laugh, etc. Basically, girls can fuck, suck cocks, ask for anal sex or just fuck random guys without feeling any shame about it so the only way to know when a girl wants to have sex is when she wants. Yes means yes. even when the woman is drunk. Many girls just don’t like sober sex. I don’t drink alcohol so I don’t care. This doesn’t mean I don’t like sex, In fact, I love to make amateur videos with my girlfriend while we fuck. We love sex but most guys wants just give their cocks to the first girl they find because a drunk pussy it’s just something they wanna use? Can this be a truly mutually pleasurable experience?

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After-Party Sex Party

After-Party Sex Party

Big-titted Sharon Pink was planning to go out. Do some clubbing. Hit a few private parties. Dance. Have a few cocktails and maybe a late night snack. She dresses to kill, picking out her tightest skirt and her tightest button-down blouse. She'll murder the boys tonight. She'll have her own after-party party later when she picks up a guy and either goes to his place or comes back to her hotel. An after-party sex party.

But Sharon's after-party sex party plans are going to happen sooner than later. Horndog Klein has shown up. He's fucked Sharon before and knows her well. Fucked her good but that's not the point. He sees Sharon getting dressed up, sees her big boobs proudly thrust forward and his compass immediately points north. It looks like that sex party is happening right now instead of after.

Klein starts to paw her but Sharon slaps his hand away. Don't fuck with a Czech chick. Klein can't take no for an answer and continues his close encountering. He knows how to press Sharon's on-button. His hands do their work and Sharon caves in. In a flash, he's got her blouse and bra off and is sucking on her nipples. Looks like Sharon's night out will be delayed on account of fucking. The deal is clinched when he gets her skirt and panties off, lays her on the couch and tongues her pierced pink pie like he hasn't eaten in a week. That drives Sharon crazy. The way to her heart is through her pussy.

Sharon repays the favor by swallowing his wienerwurst and then tit-fucking it. Now Sharon's warmed up. Her nightlife can wait. Now she wants to fuck and get fucked. She expects Klein to pound her until she cums. No worries about that. He's hot to feed her need for man-seed. After they both cum and she throws him out, she can resume her plans and go out to party down. She won't need to get fucked later. Or maybe she'll be horny again and want another cock in an after-party sex party. Sharon Pink has no problem getting fucked. But that's another story.

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After-Party Sex Party

After-Party Sex Party

Sharon Pink is inexhaustible. She has a sex drive that very few women can match. Yet she stays as fresh as a daisy after she fucks. Is this sexual superwoman from the Czech Republic or from the planet Krypton?

On this night, Sharon is planning to go out, visit a few parties, go to a few clubs and make an evening of it. So she's dressed to A tight skirt that will split if she bends over too far. High heels that arch her back, thrust her pelvis and tits forward, make her ass stick out and tighten her calf muscles. A tight bra that pushes her tits up and out to create a bra shelf. An even tighter shirt that will pop its buttons if Sharon takes a deep breath.

And then Mr. Klein walks in. Instantly horny at the sight of her jaw-dropping body, he makes a play for her big tits. She slaps his hand away but he's persistent and doesn't back off. Sharon doesn't play rough and slap his face like fellow Czech Terry Nova did to her friend in her creampie video. No, Sharon caves in as her stud manages to remove her top and manhandle her jugs. Looks like Sharon won't be out on the town dancing and having cocktails tonight after all. She'll be eating Klein's frankfurter for starters.

Once Klein's filled up on Sharon's heavy melons, he moves down to her pierced pussy and laps it up. Sharon's hips gyrate in a fucking motion and her eyes roll back as he enthusiastically tongue-fucks her. They swap positions so Sharon can suck cock. She holds it by the base and slaps her mouth with it, spitting on it to give it some natural lube so she can jack it faster. A man's dick is in very good hands when the hands belong to Sharon Pink.

She gets on her side for the first cock invasion of her pussy, her shapely leg in the air and they slide it right in for the first hot fuck thrusting of the night. Sharon was planning to get laid in an after-party sex party when she got back from clubbing but it's happening earlier than she thought.

Sharon actually did manage to get dressed again and go out and party that night. But that's another story.

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Double Vision

Double Vision

Double Vision

Emily Cartwright stuffs her busty body into another of her tight PVC dresses that she loves so much. She loves latex, leather, PVC and other erotic materials. She loves costumes, role playing and dress-up. She loves Dark Gothic. She loves kinky. She loves fetish and BDSM.

The busty Brit is a masturbation expert. She doesn't just rub one out and go to sleep. She enjoys new positions, new pleasure toys, new ideas and experiments. She'll masturbate with heavy rock & metal playing: Led Zep, Pink Floyd, Metallica, Guns & Roses and Deftones. She watches porn and masturbates.

And with all that, even with a fetish nun's costume hanging in her closet, Emily has no tattoos on her creamy, pale skin. She's not overloaded with body jewelry, just a small piercing in her navel. No pierced tongue. She doesn't smoke, do drugs or drink. So in many ways, despite pushing it to the edge, Emily is old-school British.

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