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Wonders of Gya

Wonders of Gya

Gya is very chatty. Her voice is very sensual and her whispery, breathy, erotic speech patterns make her even more of a living, busty doll than she is.

Gya's red top is so tight, her 44-inch mounds spill over her polka dot bra. She likes that. This is all part of her master plan to drive tit-men totally crazy.

"I like bras that push up my boobs and make them look round. I like demi-cups and push-up bras. I like them to make my breasts look very big, so they have to be a little bit smaller and tighter than my size. I like a lot of cleavage and smaller bras do that for me."

There are many unforgettable moments in Wonders Of Gya: Gya squeezing her tits together and licking both nipples at the same time like she's licking a double ice cream cone; the low-angle view of her pussy and hanging boobs.

Gya even walks over to the bathroom self-sucking her nipples! Once in the tub, she does many miraculous things before she begins to shave.

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Wonders of Gya

Wonders of Gya

We come to praise Gya Roberts and to hang out with her in the ladies room while she shaves her bush clean and bathes her succulent body.

Gya has raised nipple self-sucking to an art form. She can place both nipples in her mouth at the same time, a skill shared only by a very few SCORE and Voluptuous Girls. She can self-suck her nipples and hold her breasts up with suction power alone, hands-free. She has a magic mouth.

Gya's nipples seem to be as much of an erogenous zone for her as her clitoris.

"I like a man to start teasing my nipples very slowly and then to suck on them hard. The build-up is very sensual for me, and when he finally sucks them hard, it makes me cum quickly. They are always amazed and surprised when I suck them myself. I think that it is not something very common, because most men have never seen that done before. I like having that power over them. Sucking my own breasts is a special thing that only I can do for them."

Masturbation is a big part of her daily activities.

"Being on-camera really made me explore that side of my sexuality. When I first started, I would masturbate slowly and it felt okay, but little by little, it just got better and better. I discovered myself over time and now I am confident in my sexuality and with my body. I love to watch myself masturbate and cum. I have a lot of confidence and trust in myself and now I am proud of who I am and what I look like. I like to show off my curves now. If someone likes them, that is great. If they don't like me, then they don't have to look at me, but I love my body and my curves."

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