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Milk-Filled Tits

Milk-Filled Tits

The wickedly beautiful redhead Bebe Cooper treats us one more time to a milk-friendly photo spread and video. Even if you are lactose intolerant, Bebe'll still turn you on with her porcelain skin, blue-veined milkers, seductive gaze and juicy pussy. She sure picked the right name.

Bebe's breast and nipple squeezing are captured in close-ups. Those nipples are just unforgettable. So pointy, elongated and perky, surrounded by pink areolae, like mountains of flesh.

A sheet of glass is placed between Bebe and the camera so she can do her thing. Sending streams of her breast-milk straight at us! Then Bebe shifts her attention and ours to her gorgeous pussy. She pleasures her pink snatch in several cock-stiffening positions, her nipples still erect the whole time! How does one thank a hottie like Bebe for what she does for us all? A simple compliment will do!

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Milk-Filled Tits

Milk-Filled Tits

"I'm a bit of an exhibitionist," says Bebe Cooper, former lingerie store clerk. A former lingerie store clerk? Fantasies can come true. "But I usually don't express it." However, in the rare appearances that Bebe makes at SCORELAND, she does express it very, very well! We welcome her back with another milk-engorged breast and nipple show. Lactation and masturbation, an event many have patiently waited for until Bebe returned.

"I like the attention I get. Getting hit on always makes a girl feel good. I like wearing thin shirts to show off. My favorite shirt is so thin and tight it's practically see-through. I always wear a bra, When I get home, the bra comes off."

What does Bebe like in bed? "Having my clit played with slow and steady. I love doggie style and, when I'm feeling dominant, reverse cowgirl. I like lips and hands all over my body. Definitely don't miss my neck."

Bebe's kinkiest sex experience? "I once got a tattoo artist to lock up his shop and we had sex in his tattoo chair. It had handy foot rests and different positions and everything."

Any sex in public? "I have a recurring dream that I am in a live sex show. That always gets me super-wet but I'm not sure I'm brave enough to risk public sex!"

Thanks, Bebe!

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The Girl They Call The Body

The Girl They Call The Body

When Anjii Ross was in school, she'd get in trouble for showing too much cleavage. That's what happens when girls wear titty-tops to class. "I'd get in trouble all the time. It's hard to hide them when you have such big breasts!"

Anjii has fetishes or "special interests" as they're called. "I like foot fetishes, smoking and girl-on-girl play."

"I masturbate with toys and fingers. I love my Hitachi."

The one thing Anjii wants to try that she's never done before is the number-one thing almost every SCORE or V-Girl says she wants to try. It's not having an orgasm on a sex swing, it's skydiving.

Funniest pick-up line Anjii Ross has ever heard: "Do you wash your clothes in Windex because I can see myself in your pants?"

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Heavy Hanging Fruits

Heavy Hanging Fruits

What is the relationship between big tits and fruit? It's a complex one that requires continued research. And who better to explain the science behind fruit and boobs than naturally-delicious and just-ripe Michelle Bond?

Miss Bond is here in our big-boob kitchen to teach a lesson in the nutritional value of fresh fruits and juices and what they can do for a girl's skin and overall health. No juicer will be needed.

Michelle will handle that herself, as you will see in this highly educational video. Michelle's as sweet as a melon herself, and just as tasty. She deserves her own food show on TV.

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Maid For Anal

Maid For Anal

Marie Leone is amazin'! Her curvy body and big boobs turn heads everywhere she goes. California-born Marie likes cars and works in a car shop. Her sister introduced her to cars and Marie's been hooked on fast and furious wheels ever since.

"My boobs began to develop when I turned 14 but before then I was extremely flat-chested and skinny," Marie said. Her growth spurt must have flummoxed everyone; teachers, family, doctors, you name 'em.

By the time Marie was in 8th grade, she had bigger tits than her teachers! "I always wear a bra when I go out," Marie says. "When I am home, I just let it all hang out." You rock, Marie.

Marie did not need time to make up her mind about trying guy-girl. She's really horny back home and this was a new experience she wanted to try. She says hot modeling is one of the most-fun things she's done.

Marie fills out that sexy maid costume like no one's business. In this scene, her fuck partner Rocky can't wait to get on her. First, she has her huge tits and spankable ass played with. This girl is a busty wet dream. She's got a lot of talent with a stick shift and she likes showing her moves. Marie is great at sucking cock and that's only a fraction of her talent.

She's liking the ass play she's getting, and when Rocky sticks his big cock in her sugar-pot and then into her tush, Marie rubs her clit to maximize her pleasure. "I enjoy it when my butt gets played with and the same goes for anal sex," says Marie. "I am normally passive. I'll try anything and everything as long as it doesn't involve hair pulling or choking. My favorite position is cowgirl."

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The Hot Chick Show

The Hot Chick Show

Where have all the good girl-girl scenes gone? That's the question some SCORELAND guys ask. It seems that the majority are not as interested in pussy-on-pussy as they used to be.

Kaytee Carter and Destiny Rose do a bang-up girl-girl and they look like they've done it before because they needed no practice.

"I never wore makeup or did my hair until I was 18," admitted Kaytee, a Tomboy when she was growing up. The girls really were hot for each other.

Destiny can't resist a nice pair of tits and a pretty pussy. "There is this one girl that I dance with at the club. She is busty and exotic looking and I love her. I swear that on any given night, when I am not working, I will go into the club and I will give her half of my money just on getting lap dances alone!"

They share a big, double-headed toy and cum by scissor-fucking in this titty and clitty party. Way to go, Destiny and Kaytee.

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