Moms Teach Sex - My Girlfriends Mom - S13:E3

Moms Teach Sex

My Girlfriends Mom – S13:E3


Kiara Cole
Lexi Luna

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May 20, 2020


Kiara Cole and her stepmom Lexi Luna are very close. Kiara walks in with her boyfriend, Nathan Bronson, to find her in a skintight leotard doing yoga. Kiara runs off quickly to grab her laundry, leaving Lexi to question Nathan. She starts out with the standard questions about school and family, but then moves on to sex. Eventually she insists on seeing Nathan’s penis to inspect it and make sure it’s good enough for her stepdaughter. She offers to let Nathan see her tits if it will help him be hard when she does her inspection.

Once Lexi lays hands on Nathan’s dick, she starts stroking him to make him nice and hard. Nathan is panicked that Kiara is going to come back and flip out that her mom is sucking him off. Kiara rears back to start delivering a titty fuck, and Nathan’s fears come true when he realizes Kiara has returned. That’s when Kiara lets him in on the secret: she and her stepmom are a package deal. As soon as Nathan stutters his agreement, Kiara and Lexi get to work delivering a double BJ that helps him relax and accept this new reality.

When Kiara gets on her knees, Lexi holds her daughter’s ass cheeks apart so Nathan can enjoy a look. Then he gets the privilege to fuck Kiara for the very first time while Kiara enjoys eating her mommy out. Then Lexi scoots forward so she can have her turn enjoying Nathan’s hardcore charms. Kiara takes the time to make sure her mom is in good hands, then climbs onto Lexi’s face to ride her mama’s mouth. Next Nathan lays down so that Kiara can hop on that cock and ride him with Lexi’s help. They finish their threesome with Lexi on her hands and knees, feasting on Kiara’s puss while Nathan delivers a proper pussy pounding. Having finally satisfied his two lovers, Nathan gets to enjoy another double BJ until he nuts in Kiara’s waiting mouth.

Step Siblings Caught - Slutty Step Sis Rides My Cock - S12:E6

Step Siblings Caught

Slutty Step Sis Rides My Cock – S12:E6


Anya Olsen

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Mar 6, 2020


Anya Olsen has grown up with her stepbrother Oliver Flynn, but she hates bras and refuses to wear them. Oliver has noticed that his stepsis is getting sluttier by the day. They argue, so in retribution Anya strips naked and puts some clothes in the washer while Oliver is in the living room. She claims she didn’t realize he was there, but as their argument escalates Anya refuses to back down. Instead, she rolls with her nudity as Oliver claims that if she keeps this slutty behavior up she’ll end up with a cock in her.

Anya misinterprets Oliver’s statement, believing that he’s talking about his cock specifically. She can’t let that stand, so she refocuses her efforts on taunting him about his dick. Oliver claims he could make Anya cum in a second, and Anya calls his bluff by spreading herself out on the couch and telling him to make her cum. Oliver takes her up on it, much to her surprise. Since they’ve already gone that far, Anya tells Oliver to show her what he can do with his cock.

She takes bro for a spin as she climbs onto Oliver’s fuck stick to enjoy a bouncing ride. She’s still running her mouth as she fucks him, so Oliver shuts her up by sticking his cock in her pie hole. Then Anya gets on her hands and knees for Oliver to take her from behind. Rolling onto her back, Anya spreads herself wide open for Oliver to really give it to her. He does in fact make her cum, and even gets off himself as he pulls out to cum all over Anya’s meaty snatch.

Rhonda Baxter: Voluptuous Perfection

Rhonda Baxter: Voluptuous Perfection

Americans Rhonda Baxter and Calle came to London in November, 1994 to take out their great, big American tits and more. With John Graham directing on the set, Rhonda undressed slowly. Like most Voluptuous magazine models, Rhonda wasn’t an exotic dancer so her disrobing is not done stripper-style with eye-contact and sexual, teasing moves. It’s girl-next-door undressing.

The big cock-shaped dildo comes out later and goes in after Rhonda plays with her huge, natural breasts. Back then, the camera used was a heavy Sony BetaMax but it’s not stationary. There are a lot of different angles of Rhonda in bed and camera moves that capture her beautiful body and tits.

Rhonda is very quiet during this shoot, like she was in most of her shoots. She does giggle a little but doesn’t moan or talk dirty. After this segment, another director/cameraman takes fully-dressed Rhonda to the roof where she meets Calle and the two sweater-busters play around for a few minutes before going inside.

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Beth’s toy show

Beth's toy show

Beth McKenna‘s friends and family back home in Mississippi don’t know that this 52-year-old hottie is here, fucking herself with sex toys and, later in the week, having sex with a young stud for all the world to see.

But if they found out, they would be…

“Very surprised,” Beth said. “I try to dress very casually at home, partly so people that don’t know won’t suspect. And my job, law, requires that I act properly and professionally, so I tend to dress and act conservatively at home. Most of them would never imagine how I spend my free time away from home, and I love knowing that.”

They’d be so shocked to see what Beth is doing here: fucking her pussy and ass with dildos–DPing herself–while sucking on another dildo. But she’s a very sexy woman-long–legged with a beautiful body–and we think she’s exactly where she belongs.

“I played basketball, volleyball and softball in school and still play some,” she said. “I love fitness and being outside. I live on a lake, so I paddleboard, kayak and swim and I run and bike for fitness. I do like to read and listen to music a lot. I also spend time with my family, and I have dogs and cats that I enjoy.”

Basically, Beth is the typical woman-next-door. What makes her not-so-typical is that she’s here, doing this. We’re very happy to have her.

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Bushy, MILFy Toy Show

Bushy, MILFy Toy Show

Foxy is a MILF Bush Baby, something we haven’t featured before. She’s 43 years old, and she’s giving us one hell of a hairy show.

We start off in a kitchen but move quickly to a bedroom where Foxy lets us peek at her black lingerie with pink hearts and a matching thong. She’s wearing sleek, pink thigh-high stockings, and tufts of blonde pubes poke out of her skimpy underwear.

Here’s another rare thing about Foxy: Usually Bush Babies don’t give us hardcore toy shows, but Foxy decided to shoot her photos with her favorite sex toy, a flesh-colored dildo. She slips it inside her dripping-wet cunt and slams it in and out until she cums.

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