One-On-One With Casca Akashova

One-On-One With Casca Akashova

Casca Akashova said she found out about SCORE by word of mouth.

"I don't like to wear bras," Casca said. "When I buy one, I get them online or have it custom-made. I dress to show off my cleavage at times by wearing fitted crop-tops or low-cut blouses. It's enjoyable. My breasts have a mind of their own.

"I don't always wear a bra. When I do, I usually wear something comfortable but cute. Comfort is key. The material is essential. It has to feel good on my skin."

Casca is a foodie and likes fast cars. She has spelunking and skydiving on her to-do list.

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From Foot-Play to Fucking

From Foot-Play to Fucking

If socks and feet are your thing, you'll enjoy this scene.

If not, you'll still enjoy cute, little Ali sucking and fucking.

The petite blonde is wearing knee-high socks, and this guy can't resist tickling and massaging her feet. But Ali wants more than her feet played with, so he gives her pussy the same attention, fingering her slit and rubbing her clit.

Ali sucks and strokes his thick shaft, then she gives his cock a quick rub down with her feet before laying back to get fucked.

He slides right in and Ali rubs her clit. He picks up the pace while holding onto her tits for leverage. They get in doggie-style and Ali bites her lip and moans. Check out the awesome view of her round ass and tight asshole!

Ali hops on top for a cock ride. It ends with her getting on her knees and sticking out her tongue for his sticky load.

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Sports Or Big Tits?

Sports Or Big Tits?

It's the age-old situation that continues to plague our society even today. Sports? Or big tits? Should a man even consider watching a game on TV when at his side is a hot girl with huge fucking tits and she's touching herself?

Is this man out of his mind to even waste one second of his time watching the playoffs when Scarlet LaVey is reading a book and rubbing herself through her panties? Just how sick is he, and can Scarlet straighten him out? We believe there is some hope for this individual and for others like him in similar circumstances.

Finally, the light bulb goes off in his head after glancing at Scarlet's large treasure chest and eying this bad girl stick a hand in her panties. He realizes that watching overpaid men in tights running around is a far inferior substitute for sucking and squeezing a pair of massive bazongas that are practically thrown into his face.

Scarlet leans forward and takes his shaft deep down her throat. His thigh becomes a boob shelf for her tits to rest on as her soft lips slide up and down his goal post, making a popping sound on the upstroke.

Around the seven minute mark, Scarlet stands, her back to the camera, spreads her legs apart and bends forward from the waist. She lowers her mouth over the cock again. This gives us a hot look at her pussy, butt crack and big dangling tits. It's the classic pose in solo photo layouts except we can see between her legs that she's sucking and jacking his pole.

After sucking his cock some more, this time on her knees, Scarlet sits on top of him in reverse cowgirl and bounces on his pole, her big boobs bouncing along in synch. She flips direction and rides some more before they practice more positions from the fucking playbook.

Scarlet is a quiet girl and mostly moans as they pump and thrust. But she does thank him for coming in her pussy because she is a sweet, well-mannered, young, buxom beauty.

Sports or big tits? The answer does not have to be on a Jumbotron.

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Romanian Idol

Romanian Idol

Joana's intent is to drive us all crazy-nuts. Playing with her big, fantastic natural boobs is the first step. They are perfect in every way. The second step is to slip out of clothes and heels and open her legs to show us what paradise is. Joana is just as much of a mystery as she was when she started.

So many awesome girls have come from Romania since we first started going there in 2003. Joana was one of the first of them, along with Crisa Angel, and then the explosion a few years later.

There's more to explore and hopefully in time we will uncover many new hot Romanian babes, hopefully with Joana's help. There's a big boob gene pool in Romania, a nation with one of the biggest adult webcam communities on the planet.

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Big Boob Paradise: Gianna Rossi Part 2

Big Boob Paradise: Gianna Rossi Part 2

Gianna emerges from the water wearing a bikini. She heads to the beach house and uses the hand-held shower head to wash the salt water off her perfect body. Note the fur triangle between her sexy legs. The bikini comes off.

When a rain storm hits, Gianna runs off the porch and onto the walkway. Her white T-shirt and her underwear get soaked. Laughing, she runs out again and takes them off, the drops pelting her skin.

Returning to the shelter of the porch, Gianna puts on a show. Outdoor shoots have to be put on hold until the weather clears up but that doesn't stop Gianna from having fun. She follows her spontaneity and goes with the flow.

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Big Boob Paradise: Angela White Part 1

Big Boob Paradise: Angela White Part 1

Take five of the world's best naturals, fly them to a tropical island for a week and follow them around with cameras. What do you get?

A Big Boob Paradise.

On Location Big Paradise follows the dream team of Lorna Morgan, Christy Marks, Angela White, Gianna Rossi and Terry Nova, the first and only time these five busty SCORE superstars got together, sharing a beach house on the island of Eleuthera, The Bahamas. Each chapter spotlights one girl but, of course, there's loads of interaction with the other girls also.

The history of SCORE's big boob group shoots that also include the Boob Cruises is always worthy of reviewing. SCORE, creator of busty girl group shoots in exotic locations since 1992, usually chooses various islands in the Caribbean. The tropical weather is consistent, the scenery is sensational, the girls can be freely naked and it's a short trip from Florida.

Lorna's a Brit, Terry's a Czech and Angela's an Australian. The Caribbean offers everything SCORE needs, which is why everyone, from Annina to Bella French, has been photographed there.

The cameras follow Angela in today's posting, split into two sections for easier downloading. From the flight from Miami to the island to Angela's romping with her new friends and posing for shoots, On Location Big Boob Paradise is packed with fun and games of the busty kind.

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