Wholesome Redhead Likes To Fuck Strangers

Wholesome Redhead Likes To Fuck Strangers

Brandy Dean has inspired many lost loads. She found her niche in fucking, sucking and using her huge 38DDD-cup jugs as cum catchers. She takes pride in this. Brandy has not done many videos, if you were to compare her to other porn stars who buzz through hundreds of scenes. And that can be a good thing.

Brandy's vigorous gyrations almost knock Al into a wall. The girl also knows how to dress her tits and the rest of her shapely body. They strip off for action. Brandy dives for Al's cock and gives him her special head and jack technique that men speak of in hushed, awed tones. The redhaired vixen is an experienced cock sucker and knows how to harden a man in seconds.

The thing about Brandy is that she never loses that wholesome, fresh-faced, corn-fed, innocent, Ohio-bred face. She doesn't look like a porn star at all. She looks like a young, suburban wife and softball mom.

Brandy swirls her tongue over the tip and does other tricks to his bone as she vacuum-cleans it. While Brandy is swallowing Al's bloated shaft, he is burying his face in Brandy's cleavage and sucking her nipples.

When it's time to fuck, Brandy does the rubber trick, putting the condom on his cock with her mouth. This dirty little hooker move adds a healthy dash of nasty, and Brandy is an expert at being a nasty girl.

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Lexi Jiggles, Wiggles & Wriggles

Lexi Jiggles, Wiggles & Wriggles

Dancer Lexi Slade jiggles. Lexi wiggles. She wriggles, writhes and shakes. She twerks her booty in slow motion while wearing her tight Latex shorts with a zipper on the back. She twerks again in her thong panties, also in slow motion. Lexi bounces her big tits in her bra and they fly out of her cups, again in slow motion. Those boobs are capped by large, prominent areolae. She has a flirtatious, sexy voice.

Lexi's outfit winds up on the floor after her grinding and gyrating. She lies back on soft pillows in a fuck-me position so she can rub out a cum, staring at you and sticking her fingers deep into her pink.

"I wasn't the bustiest girl growing up because I wasn't the largest," said Lexi who is a petite 5'3". "I had the largest breasts for my small frame."

Lexi was encouraged by Korina Kova to connect with SCORE. She is into cosplay and she's also getting into ASMR videos, a kind of far-out relaxation video in which the model whispers, smacks her lips and makes other low-key sounds that tingle the back of the neck and the spine.

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Korina Kova's Bounce House

Korina Kova's Bounce House

The unbelievably sexy Korina Kova is here to short-circuit the neural pathways in your brain. We first see Korina through the living room windows strolling outside. She sees you and presses her impressive chest against the window. That's all it takes. You are hooked.

Korina joins you in the living room and turns the place into a bounce house, a boob bounce house, some of it in slow motion. Can you handle her? Korina's a whole lotta woman, a wonder woman with huge tits and a fantastic booty, a beautiful face and shapely legs and feet. A lot of girls wear Wonder Woman costumes. Korina would be the ultimate Wonder Woman. Everything she does is erection producing.

Korina removes her top and tight miniskirt in a display of ultimate teasing, pleasing titillation while she makes sexy fuck-me talk in her purring, kittenish voice, and eye-bangs you. She's brought along a friend called B.O.B. There's no need to be jealous, B.O.B. is only a little purple pussy pleaser.

Some girls have it all and Korina is one of them.

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Korina Kova: Exclusive Chat

Korina Kova: Exclusive Chat

Doing ultimate justice to her SCORE tank-top, Korina Kova chats with the studio manager and clues us in about her interests and background.

Tune-in and turn-on.

The brunette stunner started by entering a wet T-shirt contest, and the effect she had on the population of Canada busted the applause meters. One thing led to another and now she's taking the world by storm. Some modern-day Michelangelo Buonarroti should sculpt a marble statue of her, although from what we've heard, a company called Real Love Sex Doll in Texas is producing a Korina Kova life-sized replica.

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Shelby Gibson's First All The Way XXX Sex

Shelby Gibson's First All The Way XXX Sex

The event that many have been waiting for, including Team SCORE.

SCORE WILF Shelby Gibson fulfilled one of her fantasies by jacking, tit-fucking and sucking her favorite porn star JMac in a scene that appeared on November 6th, 2015 at SCORELAND. (Shelby's solo debut was on October 11th, 2014.)

"A long-time fantasy of mine has been to have fun with a real porn stud," Shelby told us after her scene with JMac. "My husband really encouraged me, too, because he loves watching me show off. And then when I read how much the fans wanted me to do it I decided to go for it!"

Shelby was a guest on SCOREtv Season 2, Episode 2 and talked to host Dave about that Tits & Tugs scene. One of the last comments that Shelby made about that scene was, "JMac and I were both so turned on that we kept going at it even when the cameras weren't rolling! I can't wait to come back and fuck him!"

A year passed. Then two years. Then three years. A comeback began to seem like a distant memory, but we never lost the faith. And neither did the guys who blew up the SCORELAND blog when Dave wrote that he had just interviewed Shelby, who returned to go all the way and fuck JMac. A blog announcement rarely gets that number of comments. The same thing happened when Shelby did that first scene with him in 2015.

It's the kind of event that only happens at SCORELAND.

Shelby really delivered the goods in this scene. If you imagined that she would be a hot fantasy fuck, the reality is even better. Your expectations will be fulfilled.

SCORELAND: Shelby, was the first scene with JMac everything you hoped it would be after waiting three years?

Shelby: I really wish that I hadn't waited three years. Oh my God, it was even better than I hoped for! JMac is so nice and even hotter in person than he is in pics and videos. I so wish that I had fucked him three years ago! And it was an even bigger turn-on doing it in front of the camera knowing that the SCORE fans would be watching! I love showing off and it is an incredible turn on having real orgasms during the shoot!

SCORELAND: Did you and JMac talk about positions before the camera rolled?

Shelby: Yes! It was fun talking about it ahead of time! I mentioned some of my favorites and he told me some of his. It got me hot and bothered talking about it with him. I really wanted to fuck him and knowing that he really wanted to fuck me got me very wet before we even started shooting!

SCORELAND: You did the pile-driver position at the end, a very difficult sex position. Was that a new one for you?

Shelby: Yes, it was new. I had never done that before. It is one of JMac's signature moves so I was excited to try it but nervous and intimidated at the same time. I am so glad we did it. It was a blast! To be taken by him, lifted in the air, and then upside down, all the while with his cock in my pussy was amazing! And then I had a fantastic view of him pounding me! I loved it!

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Amora Lee's Big Bust After-party

Amora Lee's Big Bust After-party

The party's winding down so Amora Lee wants to keep it going with her own private after-party. She bought her skin-tight pink dress to show off her figure, a sexy, busty body that brings tears of joy to the eyes.

Amora peels out of the dress to show her giant bra and her open-crotch thong panties, then gets down to her birthday suit, one of the most voluptuous birthday suits ever seen at SCORELAND.

Amora fondles her sensational breasts, with a look in her eyes that shows she's enjoying the pleasure she's giving appreciative men. She brings her delectable jugs to her lips to kiss and lick them. Spreading her legs wide, she opens her fur-lined pussy to give you an eyeful. Between her thighs, beauty lies.

Big boobs do not run in Amora's family. "I'm one of six of us, and I'm the only one who is this big," said Amora, who is just naturally, effortlessly smokin' hot.

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