Mad For Plaid: Special From

Mad For Plaid: Special From

Super-busty natural Kelly Kay, is from Liverpool, England. This superstar's chest began its growth spurt when she was very young. Her classmates didn't treat her any differently because she was the bustiest girl in school. "Everyone else had A's or B's but the kids liked to have a good stare," Kelly remembered.

Kelly wore baggy shirts to conceal her tits but their size didn't prevent her from running and playing netball and girls' football. Kelly's never flaunted her chest to get out of a speeding ticket. That's because she doesn't drive.

Little did anyone (including Kelly) realize that she would be stripping nude, bouncing her huge tits, toying her wet pussy, having girl-girl flings and even posing pregnant, all beginning at the tender age of eighteen.

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Sofia Damon: A Prize For Breast Men

Sofia Damon: A Prize For Breast Men

Our SCORE photo team went on another boob quest, trekking again to Colombia. Waiting for them was Sofia Damon, a smiling, happy girl with super breast power, built like the proverbial brick house.

"I wear a Colombian brand of bra called Leonisa, size 42D," Sofia said. Since she doesn't speak English, our editors have added captions to her videos as they did with Shara Lopez, Shanie Gaviria, Katy Shavon, Romina Lopez and Paola Rios.

"When I go out, I always wear a bra, but at home, I like to just wear a top. I love to show off my bust and I wear low-cut tops. I like to be admired."

Sofia's not wearing a bra under her top. She takes her huge tits out to reveal her large, dark areolae and prominent nipples. Here's a girl who the die-hard breast man searches for and hopes to find.

There's slow motion of Sofia swinging her big, sun-kissed tetas and jumping in the air that must be seen to be believed. It's chest incredible.

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Amber Alena: First XXX

Amber Alena: First XXX

In her first-ever hardcore scene, Amber Alena chats with our photographer Jose about how she came to SCORE's attention, what she did before she became a web-cam girl and what she does on-cam. Amber has a purring, sex-kitten voice and a bouncy, sunny personality so when she talks about her big tits and sex, it's hotter and hornier.

"I'm sexually satisfied when I hear a guy enjoying himself," Amber said. "I also really like my tits played with while I'm getting fucked."

Porn stud Brad Newman joins in and mentions that he got hard when he met Amber, a first for him. It's easy to understand how that happened. The chat wraps up and Jose rolls action.

The first thing Brad does is to lick Amber's pussy. ("You'll make me cum, already," Amber says, giggling.) Then it's Amber's turn to give Brad head, making popping sounds and rubbing his cock with her big tits. Brad places Amber on her side and gives her the porn star experience she was expecting.

SCORELAND: So, Amber, what are your thoughts about your boy-girl with Brad?

Amber: It was my first boy-girl scene and I was so glad it was with Brad. It was intense. He was incredibly sexy and just the nicest person to meet!

SCORELAND: What did Brad do that you liked best of all?

Amber: I loved his magnetism and charisma best of all! He has a charm that matched perfectly with my body. He knew all the right ways to touch me and how to get me aroused.

SCORELAND: How different is sex on-camera compared to everyday sex.

Amber: To me, sex isn't different on-camera versus every day sex if two people are comfortable. If it's uncomfortable, then it is less enjoyable, the same way for me on-camera or off-camera.

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Annabelle Rogers & The Cock-Bot

Annabelle Rogers & The Cock-Bot

The fuck machine, a dildo connected to a motor, is not a recent invention.

In 1869, Dr. George Taylor invented the Manipulator, a steam-powered fuck machine used to treat the long-debunked medical condition of female "hysteria" through "pelvic massage." Such was the state of the "medical procedures" of the 19th century and their now-ridiculous theories. As crude as these steam-punk machines were, these devices led to the mechanized sex toys and devices of today produced in both corporate factories and home garages.

Annabelle Rogers has no "hysteria" to treat with mechanized pelvic massaging. The beautiful and bold blonde bra-buster just likes to have bodacious fun and enjoys sharing the sights and sounds of her pursuit of pleasure. She likes to create kinky fantasies and role-playing themes that her followers respond to.

"I honestly have so many fetishes. I feel like every month, I'm into something different or watching a different type of porn, but I really like dirty talk. I really like public humiliation. That's one thing I really enjoy. I like rough stuff.

"Dirty talk mostly. Vulgar dirty talk. Both of us. I'm dominant and submissive, but I like being submissive with a guy. I like being humiliated a little bit. He saying, 'Oh, you're such a dirty little slut.' I like when they tell me what to do. 'Get on your knees. Spread your legs.'"

The video also has slow motion tit-play.

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Reaming And Creaming

Reaming And Creaming

Carmen has a thing for older men. When Mr. Vegas comes by looking for her dad, Carmen gets hot and bothered.

Looking for relief, she masturbates by humping a pillow. But she doesn't need to do that. Mr. Vegas has a perfectly good hard cock for her to ride.

First he eats her sweet, pink pussy. When you've got a horny, eager teen, you need to taste her honeypot. Then Carmen gets on all fours and swallows his cock deep.

It's time to hump, and Carmen gets on top of Mr. Vegas. She slides her pussy up and down his cock, her creamy girl cum collecting on his shaft and on her taint.

Her tight, tiny body is exactly what you want to see bouncing up and down on a cock. And her pretty, fresh face is the perfect kind to get coated with cum.

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The Pool Party

The Pool Party

Anastasia Lux wants to go for a swim at the spa's pool. She's a little early because Steve is still doing his maintenance work on it. Anastasia will just have to wait a little until he's finished.

Anastasia's big tits are ready to pop out of her swimsuit. Steve is trying his best not to notice. She asks if she can watch him at work because she has her own pool at home and needs to learn how to do it herself. That's fine with Steve. He loves sexy girls as stacked and rounded as she is and eyes her considerable assets.

He lets her handle his long pool pipe so she can try her hand at cleaning the bottom. The signals she's giving him and her body language let him know that she'd like to have a good go at something else.

Anastasia asks if she can sit in a deck chair and watch him. Her hands drift to her massive natural breasts and she eye-bangs Steve. The saucy brunette doesn't need to use semaphore flags to signal her desire that she wants to fuck his brains out. She takes his hand and puts it on her big, soft boobs to get this pool party started! The swimming can wait until later.

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