My Living Boob Doll

My Living Boob Doll

It's easy to see why Sandra Milka is so popular. She's easy on the eyes. She gives a wet and messy, deep blow job, and she's very lusty when she's fucking.

Sandra gives Thomas the works in "My Living Boob Doll." After he has a go at her natural tits, he licks Sandra's Spanish pussy. Repaying the favor, Sandra opens her mouth wide for dick, drool pouring out of her mouth as she deep throats, then squishes it between her boobs.

It's time to fuck. Sandra mounts his saddle in cowgirl position and rides his horn, grinding her ass as she slides up and down. And after that, Thomas flips Sandra on the bed to fuck her from the side and from behind. Then he sets her down on his pole again so she can get it up deep inside her pussy.

As they sex it, Sandra steals glances at the camera. It seems to be a habit, and it adds heat to her hot moves.

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Naughty Natalie

Naughty Natalie

Naughty Natalie

What have you learned from doing porn?
"I've learned that I really like swallowing cum. Before I was just a cum licker. I'd taste it, but I was scared to get it all in my mouth. Now I make sure I swallow every drop. I also like facials. They're almost as satisfying as having my own orgasms. Almost."

Natalie is on her own in this video, but that doesn't stop her from enjoying the taste of cum. She diddles her slit and sucks her juices off her fingers. She likes the way her girl goo tastes and masturbates till her fingers are slick and shiny. She cums hard and gets one last lick. If she's this horny for her own cum, imagine how she is with a load of ball batter.

Actually, you don't have to imagine. Her XXX action is here on Enjoy!

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Gya's Global Warming

Gya's Global Warming

You can blame whomever you want to blame for global warming. The truth is, the finger should be pointing straight at Gya Roberts. She's too hot. She's heating up the earth at an alarming rate.

Lusty Miss Roberts is dressed to kill, thrill and spill her 44-inch tits over her 34HH brassiere. No one can say that Gya is not a smiling, happy girl. She's always smiling and looks happy to be ogled by the cameras and appreciated by tit-men.

"When I meet a man who interests me, I like to look at his hands first and see how big they are," Gya said. "I like to look at his dick and I have a hand test. If he passes, we go forward. Let me explain. The hand test is made for his dick and I have the duty of making him hard by kissing or teasing him. I put my hand on his dick over his pants and we see what happens."

Gya's fantasy: "I wanna stay naked in a shop window and count how many men get excited!"

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Sex In The Pink

Sex In The Pink

Russian sex is a slang term for tit-fucking. Word scholars don't know its origin but Russian bra-buster Jordan Pryce loves doing it.

"Moisturizer for my boobs," said Jordan, fingering the spunk Tom has deposited on her big Russian tits after they have a noisy, fast-paced fuck. She lifts her tits up to lick them.

Additional highlights in this video:

Jordan getting face-fucked while she's kneeling over him, her naked tits dangling over him.

Tom standing as Jordan kneels and sucks him off hands-free after he fucks her tits.

Jordan patting her clit while she's in a reverse-cowgirl and leaning back.

"I like boob fucking," Jordan said. "I like when a man sticks his cock between my boobs. I like when he sucks my nipples while he's fucking me. I also like when he is fucking my boobs and I can suck his cock, too. I love making love to the cock. Some girls just suck the cock like it is a chore. I caress it with my mouth, and I always pay a lot of attention to the balls. I like to get them in my mouth and get them nice and wet. I like to make a man's cock all sticky with my saliva and then let it drip onto my big tits. They always gets the man excited. Sometimes men cum in my mouth before they have had the chance to fuck my pussy. But that's okay. Then they can eat my pussy and I will cum anyway."

Jordan is boob-centric. She's devoted to her tits. "They're sensitive, especially my nipples. I can give myself pleasure every time by playing with my nipples and rubbing my pussy, sometimes just by rubbing my nipples. Sometimes I will be out in public and I will find myself touching my nipples. People will be staring, and I will be like, 'Ooops!'"

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On Location Grand Bahama Natalie Fiore

On Location Grand Bahama Natalie Fiore

It's a fact that there's something about the beach that brings out all the sexiness in a babe.

This was shot when the beach was deserted so that Natalie Fiore would feel completely comfortable. Natalie is, at heart, a conservative woman, an exhibitionist in private but reserved in public.

"I have known a few men who were shy and were a little too gentlemanly and wouldn't try anything intimate or sexual with me," Natalie said. "If I liked them enough I would be a little more aggressive and at least let them know that it was okay and that I wanted them to hold me or kiss me. After that they usually knew how I felt and they loosened up and took the lead from there. If they didn't, I gave up and usually didn't go out with them again."

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Beautiful, Busty Brunette Is Ready To Pop

Beautiful, Busty Brunette Is Ready To Pop

A very pregnant Princess Angel is ready to pop. The Czech brunette has a beautiful face, a slim body (with a massive baby bump) and large, cocoa-colored areolae capping her tan-lined tits.

"I like to be busty and show it," Angel said. "I like to wear tops with big decollete. I get a lot of attention and it is flattering. Of course, it depends on who is giving me attention."

Angel undresses, shows off her sexy body, plays with her tits and pussy, and fucks herself with a giant vibrator. The things that turn up between the sofa cushions besides loose coins....

"I love to give myself pleasure with a dildo several times a day. Being pregnant has made me feel so sexy."

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