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Sweet Candy and her funky toy

Sweet Candy and her funky toy

Candy, that sexy, 52-year-old wife and mom with a fine body and a delectable butthole, is back to show off her charms. She strips out of a tight dress, teases us a little then fucks her pussy with a ribbed toy. Born in Las Vegas and now living in Dallas, Texas, Candy is tall, thin and naturally sensual.

HomeAloneMILFs: Are you a swinger?

Candy: My husband and I dabbled in the lifestyle for years. We had a great time.

HomeAloneMILFs: Do you masturbate?

Candy: Absolutely! Every chance I get. My main go-to is my Hitachi, god's gift to women. Sometimes I think I'm oversexed, if that's possible.

HomeAloneMILFs: Are you into any fetishes?

Candy: Yes. Role play, bi-sexuality, BBCs and younger men.

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Scoring Big Time With Victoria Vale

Scoring Big Time With Victoria Vale

Peter Fitzwell needs the kind of relief that only big tits can provide. This time, Peter wants huge, giant, super-sized mega-boobs to give him the level of relief that's spelled Victoria Vale. As soon as Victoria walks into the room, his hands go right to her massive tits. Victoria buries his face between her breasts and then hides his cock in her cleavage. After stripping Victoria down, he eats her out and buries his dick in her wet pussy.

SCORELAND: So, Victoria Vale. What did you think about the scene with Peter?

Victoria Vale: So sexy! Peter is fantastic on- and off-screen and WOW! what a cock he has!

SCORELAND: Has a guy ever been so excited by you that he came before sex?

Victoria Vale: Yes, especially if there is a lot of foreplay with my boobs!

SCORELAND: Have you ever had sex or given a blow job in a parked car?

Victoria Vale: I have done both!

SCORELAND: Shooting aside, do you enjoy being in Miami?

Victoria Vale: I love everything about Miami except the traffic! The people, the weather, the beaches are all fantastic!

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Bambi's Double Penetration

Bambi's Double Penetration

Bambi Blacks is the last chick in the world to play hard to get. When she wants something, she goes for it. When she wants to get fucked, Bambi just gets on the phone if there's not a stud at hand.

Bambi rings up Kamil and tells him to come over. She wants action and she wants him to hurry up and get over to her place. But Kamil is only the first guy on her to-do list. Next she calls Steve. "I want a nice, good fuck," Bambi informs him. That's number two.

Kamil shows up and wastes no time on small talk, groping Bambi's big tits. She reaches out for his junk in a display of mutual admiration. Then Steve shows up. He's puzzled to see Kamil already getting Bambi worked up. You ain't the only one, bro. Bambi wants two cocks today. She calls them cock #1 and cock #2. She's a girl who gets right to the point.

Cock #1 and cock #2 take turns fucking Bambi in every hole, just as she planned. With Bambi in cowgirl and reverse cowgirl, her stud-buddies double-fuck her, one in her ass, the other in her pussy. When everyone is fuck-drunk, the guys blast their nuts onto Bambi's face and mouth. She swallows some and plays with the rest in a happy, messy ending. Busty cock worshippers don't cum nastier than Bambi Blacks of Britain.

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XLGirl Honet Faxon's Mad Sex Skills

XLGirl Honet Faxon's Mad Sex Skills

Honet Faxon and Tom Holland are on the couch and already making out. They spend no time talking before they get their sex on. Honet is a passionate girl and gets into the moment. Tom plays with her big, soft, pliable tits, sucking hard and jiggling them. His fingers sink into the smooth, creamy skin of her breasts. Honet gets on top and plays with her boobs then covers his face with them. He sucks on her big, erect nipples and Honet takes a lick when he lifts them to her tongue.

Honet gets on her side and places his cock between her boobs and in her mouth. She looks at the camera often. Sitting on his lap, she takes Tom's dick in her hand and sticks it up her pussy. She grinds and bounces, her mouth making that O expression. Her tits jiggle and shake with every thrust as she pulls her mons pubis up and back for a close-up of her pussy getting fucked.

Honet faces Tom and rides him as he rubs her breasts. They uncouple so she can kneel on the floor and take every inch of his cock down her talented throat. Getting back on the couch, Honet gets on her hands and knees so Tom can fill her pussy from behind. While she's still in that pose, he gets in front of her to give her more of his dick to suck with her succulent lips.

Honet likes to rub and squeeze her big tits when she fucks. When Tom bones Honet in missionary, her hands caress and fondle her twin hangers. She smiles when Tom tit-fucks her and nuts her breasts, and she smiles as she sits up and rubs his cum into her boobs. Yes, Honet Faxon has mad sex skills.

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Stacked And Serviced Rachel Love

Stacked And Serviced Rachel Love

Rachel Love is the real estate agent showing a house with special focus on the bedroom. But then this lookie-loo recognizes Rachel from SCORE and only wants to fuck her.

Flattered, she doesn't mind when he asks her if he can take her photo. In fact, she automatically starts to lift up her tits with her hands from force of habit. You can take the real estate agent out of the model but you can't take the model out of the real estate agent.

They go wild on each other as soon as they can. A girl has to do what a girl has to do in this lousy economy. At least her pussy isn't sub-prime. In fact, it's AAA-rated.

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Break Time in the Dressing Room

Break Time in the Dressing Room

Linsey plops on a couch in the SCORE model's dressing room, in need of a break. That doesn't last long because LDM's pussy sends a message to her brain that it needs some pleasuring. Linsey will be re-energizes once she cums hard. This video was originally shot for the DVD Ultimate Linsey, her first hardcore XXX.

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