Busty Euro Cowgirl


Busty Euro Cowgirl

Busty Euro Cowgirl

Diana Frost goes for the American cowgirl look, shows us her lasso tricks and drops a quart of milk all over her big boobs. Diana could rope us into anything.

SCORELAND: Diana, you had never modeled before?
Diana: No. This is my first time.

SCORELAND: You're a natural at it. How do you like modeling?
Diana: I like it. I like having my hair and makeup done.

SCORELAND: When you're at home, what do you wear?
Diana: At home, I like to have clothes that cover everything.

SCORELAND: Do you exercise?
Diana: Yes. I like to go to the fitness center. I jog.

SCORELAND: Do your boobs get in the way of your jogging?
Diana: No. I try not to do it too hard.

SCORELAND: I read on your model info sheet that you want to have a threesome.
Diana: Yes. I just want to have sex with two boys.

SCORELAND: That can be arranged.

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BrattySis.com – Thanksgiving Day Sex With Pilgrims And Pussies – S11:E12 added to BrattySis.com

Bratty Sis - Thanksgiving Day Sex With Pilgrims And Pussies - S11:E12

Bratty Sis - Thanksgiving Day Sex With Pilgrims And Pussies - S11:E12

featuring Emily Willis and Sky Pierce.

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Nov 15, 2019


Jake Adams is enjoying some Thanksgiving downtime watching TV in the living room with his stepsister, Sky Pierce, her friend, Emily Willis, and his grandpa, James Bartholet. Emily and Sky are clearly into each other as they chat about their Thanksgiving outfits. Jake isn't a fan of the conversation, telling the girls they're interrupting his football game. That's enough for the girls; they take off to Sky's room to go change. They're no stranger to each other's bodies as they peel off their clothes, including their thongs, and then get dressed. Sky has a more traditional pilgrim outfit, while Emily has gone sexy with her costume.

When Sky comes back out, Grandpa is asleep. Jake mocks her outfit. Emily's costume gets his attention, though. Emiyl is feeling it, teasing Jake with her lack of panties or bra. When Jake keeps taunting Sky, Emily pulls her to her feet so she can show Jake how sexy Sky is, too. Emily flashes Jake her tits, then encourages Sky to do the same. That also reveals that Sky isn't wearing any underwear. Emily takes advantage of that to show off her twat, too. The girls point out Jake's boner, but Emily is eager to drop to her knees and pull it out so she can suck it. It tastes amazing, so she pulls Sky down for some cock gobbling action. With two hot chicks kneeling in front of him with their mouths open, Jake isn't about to protest.

Sky helps Emily climb onto Jake's fuck stick, holding the stiffie in place as Emily slides down. Then she goes to work lapping at Emily's breasts while Emily bounces up and down. When Jake finally gets to stick it in to his hot stepsis, it's with Sky on her knees taking it from behind. Emily is right beside her, offering a pussy buffet to lucky Jake. Since Grandpa is sleeping, the girls do their best to hold the moan as Jake works them both into a sexual frenzy. They continue their threesome with Jake fucking his sister and Emily riding Sky's mouth. Jake has finishes all over Emily's face and Sky's stomach, leaving Emily to snowball his cum with Sky. The girls take off, whereupon Grandpa reveals that he's awake and that Jake is a chip off the old block.

Balcony Bust Out

Balcony Bust Out

Balcony Bust Out

It's a pleasure to see Venera model her personal style of barely-there sexy clothes, lingerie and swimsuits: tight, skimpy, very feminine, low-cut and short. She is blessed. She reveals every inch of her traffic-stopping body, shaking and swinging her 32H-cup tits like bell clappers and sticking her tits and ass into the lens for your enjoyment. Venera studies business administration. She's got a desk waiting for her at SCORE if she ever relocates to the US. Venera thinks her boobs are still growing. That would be a happy event for everyone if they are. Venera starts off on a terrace wearing a tight halter top, red heels and tight white pants that look sprayed onto her legs. Her boobs overflow this top along the sides to a degree rarely ever seen at SCORE. You have to see this bulging breast flesh to believe it. Venera slips off her pants. Underneath, she has tight, high-riding denim shorts that expose her long, silky stems. We've asked this question before. We'll ask it again. How can anyone so slim and trim be so naturally busty? Venera is a work of art.

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Hairy pussy, big tits and hot sex

Hairy pussy, big tits and hot sex

Hairy pussy, big tits and hot sex

Mischel Lee is a rarity among models in that she has both big tits and a big bush. We haven't had a lot of SCORE Girls with hairy pussies since the early 2000s. You could say Mischel has something for everyone. She even pierced her pussy lips.

Here, she has something for her stud: her deep-sucking mouth and tight pussy. Elliot, ever the observant one, pointed out, "Mischel's cunt is so tight, it takes several deep-plunging positions to shoehorn and sink it inside her."

SCORELAND: Do you find pubic hair erotic?

Mischel: Yes, it's very erotic for me. That's why I keep my pussy hairy.

SCORELAND: Have you always had your pubic hair?

Mischel: Of course, I have shaved in my life, but that's just not my style. All models are shaved like babies now, and I know that men like at least a little hair.

SCORELAND: Mischel, how did you get into nude modeling?

Mischel: I am a very open-minded person and I like to show off. So when I got a chance to combine all of this with actually making a living, I didn't hesitate for a second. And I like that I can choose and decide what I will shoot. This freedom is amazing.

Here, Mischel starts out wearing a tight bra and panties under a black fishnet dress. Her punk heels have spikes on the toes, but she's not as tough as she looks. In fact, as her stud told us, she's very soft. Soft and tight, just like we love 'em.

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Balancing Act

Balancing Act

Balancing Act

A classic look at Nicole Tyler balancing on the widow's net of the ship, Star Clipper, during SCORE's Boob Cruise 1997, the year she won Miss Nude USA. Nicole had to pose very carefully during the shooting of this pictorial. Her cat-like agility and grace came in handy, and everything worked out well in the end.

A year later, Nicole signed up for Boob Cruise 1998, and once again, everyone enjoyed her company. She was a fun lady to hang with.

One of the last times anyone from The SCORE Group saw Nicole was at the Gentlemens' Club Owners Expo in 2000. Her table was next to Minka's at the Awards show and Nicole gave Minka a congratulatory kiss when Minka returned to her table holding her Big Bust Entertainer Award. She worked on the staff for Exotic Dancer magazine in 2003 helping to set up their annual convention but found the time to do a few photo shoots.

Nicole was managing a now-closed club named Rachel's in Columbus, Ohio for a while, then returned to dancing.

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