Oil! Oil! Oil!

Oil! Oil! Oil!

On Location North Coast closes with the beach challenge. All eight of these incredible girls race along the beach in a spectacular bikini run, their big breasts popping out of their tops. They play on the beach like it's a giant dance floor, jumping, screaming, shaking and whooping it up.

The race continues to the pool, boobs bouncing like mad. The wild bunch jump into the pool and have a mass oiling party. They're still merrily oiling away when Dave calls on their tablet. "Girls, that was great, and I really enjoyed your little oiling show! Yes, I was watching. And I'm happy to announce that we have a winner...or winners. Yes, I said winners. You girls are all so great, you're all winners! " The girls jump back into the pool (Codi cannonballs in) for the last time. And so ends our story, a tale of eight sensational models from around the globe, a united nations of big breasts, together on a tropical island where friendships were made and challenges faced.

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Moms Teach Sex - Taking Care Of Mom - S12:E3

Moms Teach Sex - Taking Care Of Mom - S12:E3

featuring Rachael Cavalli.

Added On:

Jan 18, 2020


Kyle Mason has a thing for his bigtit stepmom Rachael Cavalli, but he would never dream of going for it. Instead, he does little things for her whenever he can. When Rachael comes home from a long day at work, Kyle greets her with a sandwich and an open ear to listen to whatever she wants to talk about. Eventually, Kyle offers to give his mom a massage. They relocate to the living room, where Kyle suggests she may be more comfortable with her shirt off. He reassures Rachael that there's nothing untoward about his intentions, and he means it: He's a total gentleman as he rubs his stepmom's back and then moves down to her feet.

Rachael eventually notices Kyle's boner as he massages her feet. She thinks to herself that maybe she ought to help him take care of it. Getting clever with her feet, Rachael rubs Kyle's dick to communicate to him that she sees what he's feeling. She says it would be okay for him to kiss her. Kyle is a little afraid to tell mommy that he'd like to rip her skirt off and fuck her, but Rachael likes the way that sounds. She rolls her miniskirt up her thighs and pulls her panties aside as an invitation for Kyle to eat her out. Once she's nice and wet, Rachael gives Kyle permission to stick it in and enjoy all of his mommy's charms.

Rolling onto her knees, Rachael offers herself to Kyle for a doggy style pussy pounding. Kyle doubles down, winding his hand in his mom's hair as he bangs her. Then he enjoys the ride as Rachael pushes him onto the couch and climbs onto his fuck stick for some reverse cowgirl action. As Rachael sucks her own juices off Kyle's hardon, she encourages him to give mama a mouthful of cum.

Tan, leggy blonde Emma Hix looks delicious as she flaunts her fit body. Wearing sheer lingerie and a choker that reads 'Cum Slut,' she teases, ready for an interracial blowbang with eight studs! Going from glamorous to slutty without hesitation, Emma stuffs her mouth as black and white cocks come at her from every direction. She gags and slobbers through a rabid, throat-fucking blowjob, creating sloppy spit strands while massive shafts surround her. Emma pushes herself to the limit with vulgar, deep-throat fellatio. Eight loads of semen laminate her gorgeous, wrecked face. Coated in sperm, Emma playfully shows off her cum facial reward.

Billi Bardot gets her man

Billi Bardot gets her man

Wearing a tight dress, Billi Bardot is putting on a show for JMac who's outside watching through a glass door. She primps and runs her hands over her shapely body and huge boobs. JMac comes in to feel her up and suck her nipples, lick her pussy, slam-fuck her like a superman and feed her cock. She's tiny, light and easy to pick up and blast in any position, including standing up.

"I'm very high-maintenance because I'm very demanding, but as far as the usual stuff that girls are high-maintenance about, I run around with no makeup on," Billi said. "I'll throw my hair up in a ponytail. I do not care, but emotionally, I'm very high-maintenance because I expect a man to be ambitious. I expect a man to have aspirations, and if he doesn't, he's going to get hell from me. I can't stand laziness. I'm extremely assertive in every area of my life, but I only have one fantasy and that's to be dominated in the bedroom, and I've never met a guy who could do that.

"I'm still learning what my favorite position is, surprisingly. If I'm with someone I love, variations of missionary are my favorite. If it's casual sex, variations of them taking me from behind are my favorite."

JMac has Billi covered in both positions and more.

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Tessa Orlov: XLGirl Dust Buster

Tessa Orlov: XLGirl Dust Buster

Young, chubby and delicious Tessa Orlov is doing some light dusting at the XL Girls studio. The body of a comatose man lying on the couch doesn't get in Tessa's way. She dusts him too.

Lowering her dress to show her large, soft and big tits, Tessa dusts Michael's bulge, then reaches out to rub it. Best man alarm clock in the world, in our opinion. Michael opens his eyes, sees pretty Tessa hovering over him and stiffens. She sits on the couch, her face a few inches from his pole. She takes it in her mouth, licks it and sucks on it, first slowly, then faster. He holds her by the head and pumps her mouth. She takes half of it down the hatch and holds for a few seconds. Michael taps her tits and tongue with his meat hammer, a move that guys only do in porn or copy from porn studs.

Tessa drools on his cock. He sticks it inside her cleavage and fucks her tits. They swap positions. Tessa kneels before a sitting Michael and rubs his dick between her breasts. Their breathing becomes faster and faster. She spits on his boner and sucks it some more.

Tessa waits for Michael to guide her. He turns her around, her ass facing him. Pulling down her panties, he steers his pussy poker into Tessa and fucks her hard and fast. Her tits shake and jiggle as he thrusts in and out of her. Tessa uses her hand to rub her clit to increase her pleasure. She cries and moans with pleasure and that makes Michael lose it, nutting Tessa's outstretched tongue and chest.

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