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Big Titty Tag Team For DP

Big Titty Tag Team For DP

Double penetration is rare for SCORE Girls as it is among any other group of women. Very few go down that road. Some polls point to as few as 4% of all women trying a DP.

While some like Christy Marks and Brittany O'Neil have done the deed with two men at the same time, they weren't double-penetrated by them. It takes a sex explorer not only to do it but to do it on-camera.

German SCORE Girl and adventuress Annina once explained her attraction to DP. "It's so tight. I feel so full!" Annina told us. "My pussy is stretched around a cock, and my ass is stretched around another cock, and I feel like I am totally filled up. When one cock is going in, the other cock is going out, then the other way around."

Exotic dancer Stephanie Stalls has moved past flying solo with spread pink and toys to slide into full sex on-camera and then into anal sex. Stephanie blew past another sex marker with a DP of her own, taking on two cocks, one in her pussy, the second in her butt. We knew Stephanie was a wild and randy one.

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Flashback Tuesday: Beth Ann's first on-camera fuck

Flashback Tuesday: Beth Ann's first on-camera fuck

In this remastered scene which has never been available to stream on any of our websites, Beth Ann, a 42-year-old divorcee and mom from Houston, Texas, is a tax accountant. As we wrote when this scene originally posted, "Beth Ann proves that accounting isn't as boring a job as it might seem and not all accountants are sitting behind their desks wearing horn-rimmed glasses and pocket protectors."

Nope. Beth Ann is wearing a very short skirt, and it's slit, too. She immediately gets J.T.'s attention when she bends over to look into her filing cabinet. Before long, he doesn't care how much money he owes or doesn't owe, and his numbers are rising. He fucks Beth Ann every which way right there in her office and cums all over her pretty face.

"My fantasy is to have sex outside in a public area at night, near or on the beach," Beth Ann said. "I like to restrain my men."

Kinkiest sexual encounter: "I tied up my boyfriend and whipped him and dripped ice and candle wax on him."

Her kind of guy: "The Teddy Bear type. A little extra weight."

When Beth Ann came to our studio, she was single and not having much sex.

"About once a month," she said.

In September 2005, that one time was on-camera for us.

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Buxom Brandi

Buxom Brandi

Buxom Brandi

Known as Buxom Brandi, which was the title of a specialty video tape she made for Voluptuous magazine, this chesty, curvy blonde modeled in 1996 and 1997 in London. This raw video, straight off the original tape, follows Brandi from the bed to the shower.

During her modeling years, Brandi was an Amazon at 5'11" and 176 pounds. She measured 50-28-28 and wore a 40-G bra. Born and raised in Georgia, Brandi didn't model for long, although the readers who loved her wish she had.

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Dana Hayes: cunt and blow

Dana Hayes: cunt and blow

Being the last customer of the day in a hair salon run by busty 50-year-old Dana Hayes can be a very good thing, as we see here. Dana doesn't cut much hair in this scene. Before long, she's stuffing her tits in the lucky guy's face and sucking his dick. Talk about cut and blow! In this case, it's cunt and blow as Dana works hard to get a good tip. Nice tits, Dana!

When Dana came to our studio for the first time in 2004, she was freshly divorced from a man who refused to fuck her. For years, she put up with it, but when her hubby caught her playing with sex toys, he kicked her to the curb. Best thing that ever happened to Dana. And not a bad thing for us, either.

This scene originally appeared on and has been remastered for its debut on

"At my age, I like to get right into the nitty gritty with a man," Dana said. "No need for all that small talk and candle-lit nonsense. I want to suck your shaft and swallow your hot load, and when we're done, we'll just start all over again. I'm a voracious old slut in the sack, so can you handle my needs?"

Probably, and we can definitely handle ours while watching this horny blonde handle hers. Enjoy. But don't be disappointed if you don't get this kind of treatment next time you go to the barber.

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The Hot Waitress

The Hot Waitress

The Hot Waitress

If you ate at restaurants near the office that had waitresses built like Hitomi, you'd be living life on easy street. The truth is, the girls at the Hooters and at other breasturants like Wing House are barely single-D or C-cups. It's not easy running a breastaurant and it's even tougher running a big-boob publishing company. But you don't want to read our laments. You want to see Hitomi and that incredible body of hers.

And that's what she's delivering in The Hot Waitress.

Waitresses don't dress like this in Japan. Hitomi's got that all-American beer and chicken wings waitress thing going on with the ball cap turned to the side and tiny shorts. If only she lived in the States. You'd lunch there every day.

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Trinety Watches Her Own XL Girls Videos

Trinety Watches Her Own XL Girls Videos

Chicks like to get off on watching porn too, just like guys. Trinety Guess fires up the laptop to watch one of her XL Girls scenes.

Seeing herself suck and tit-fuck JMac gets Trinety very hot and horny and she wants to cum. She always wants to cum. A big vibrator buzzing her clit will take care of her urges and give her the satisfaction she craves. Until horny time strikes again.

"I watch the videos that I've made at XL Girls by myself and with friends," said Trinety. "When I watch them with partners, they get hard seeing me suck and fuck one of the studs. So they have me suck them off or fuck them. It's always fun."

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