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Private Eye – Axel Aces & Mila Brite

Hired private investigator Axel Aces is on the job, looking for his rich client's estranged daughter, Mila Brite who has disappeared. Axel thinks his leads paid off when he got a tip that led to her workplace at Nuru Massage in the United States. Axel's job is to confirm Mila's identity and to successfully bring her back home to Daddy alive and kicking. However, Mila isn't going to give her name up so easily, especially to this stranger, even if he pays the Nuru fee. She promises him nothing, especially her real name... Axel has no choice but to play her games, luring him into the massage room, and tempting him with her billowing sexuality. She disrobes in front of him and exposes her massive boobs. Axel has to work to keep his mind straight if he doesn't want his cover blown, even if it means him getting his big private eye cock sucked and shoved deep in her pussy, even though she's his client's daughter!