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Have you ever wanted to get to know your celebrity crush better? Do you have burning questions that you're too afraid to ask? Well, here's your chance to learn more about what makes your favorite stars tick!

20 Random Questions is a fast-paced interview series that reveals new and exciting details about Adult Time's most beloved models. Sometimes, it's a little TOO much information but that's part of the fun!

Come along for the ride as we put gorgeous models in the hot seat and get them to share juicy tidbits of their intimate lives. You may learn about everything from their first job to their most embarrassing moment on set, but don't blink or you'll miss it.

Now that you've seen what Serena Blair has to say, what would YOU ask if you had the chance?

Selena Adams on Board. All Hands on Deck.

Selena Adams on Board. All Hands on Deck.

All hands on deck and all eyes on Selena Adams as she takes over the SCORELAND boat for a titillating trip to bountiful. She's bouncy, breezy, bodacious and bubbly, the perfect stacked shipmate. The crew will never get any work done now, not with those big boobs and bootylicious butt distracting them.

A bosom buddy to Korina Kova, Selena said her nickname in school was "big titty girl." She's into real estate, home decorating, Miami nightlife, bar-hopping dates and shopping.

"I love to flaunt my breasts. I wear tops that show lots of cleavage, jeans and high heels. When I go to to bed, I wear sports bras so they don't get in the way."

Selena left her heels at home for this cruise. It's bare-footin' all the way on this wet tank-top boat trip.

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Ice Cream For Tessa Orlov

Ice Cream For Tessa Orlov

Young, curvy and cuddly Tessa Orlov returns home from shopping and invites us to her place. She has the same kind of sexy-cute personality as Monica Love. As she strolled home, Tessa didn't worry about a nip slip or a wardrobe malfunction. Her open coat and tight, low-cut top shows the curvature of her bountiful breasts. She loves her body and likes to show some cleavage. It gets her better service when she shops.

"I worked as an ice cream salesgirl and all the men bought it from me because I have big breasts," Tessa revealed. When she walks into the kitchen with her shopping bag and takes off her coat, Tessa is ready for a little snack and reaches for the vanilla ice cream. Spooning it into her mouth, Tessa spills some on her rounded mounds. Whoops. Better get out of those clothes fast, Miss Orlov.

"Most often, I emphasize my breasts in clothes," Tessa said. "I like to wear something tight with open tops, and T-shirts. Sometimes, I don't wear a bra. It's nice sometimes not to wear it and feel a lot of men's eyes on me. And sometimes women's. I do it depending on my mood."

Tessa feels up her luscious body and lies down on the kitchen floor. Her hand reaches for her plush pussy. "I like to masturbate. I think all the other girls do, too. I have a few toys that make me feel good. I can do it for a very long time and get an orgasm again and again. It gives me pleasure."

Seeing Tessa give herself pleasure is a pleasurable sight. A girl to share ice cream with.

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Two young cocks for Sally D'Angelo

Two young cocks for Sally D'Angelo

Businesswoman Sally D'Angelo landed a big deal and wants to celebrate. Her husband is out of town, but he left her something to celebrate with. Actually, two somethings: young studs Levi and Rocky.

"Most ladies would like to have a massage or a hot bath," Sally says, "but not me. I'd rather have a couple of hot, juicy cocks."

The two young dudes take turns fucking this big-titted granny's tight cunt and dick-hungry mouth until they spray her face with nut-butter.

"I cum a lot when I have sex," said Sally, who's from Indianapolis and lives in Florida. "If the guy is good, or the girl is good, I'll cum hard. I can cum just sitting here talking about it practically. I know what I like sexually, and I know how to get it. I love being fucked. The louder I'm moaning, the harder I'm getting fucked."

50Plus MILFs: Do you ever get recognized when you're out?

Sally: Yes, especially since I got these bigger. [Jiggles her tits] It happens all the time. At airports, the mall, the gym, the post office, neighbors, even Wal-Mart. I just moved and the landscaper recognized me. I asked him if he jacked off to my pink pussy and he blushed.

50Plus MILFs: You have a lot of fans. Ever had sex with one?

Sally: As a matter of fact, I have. A guy at a restaurant recognized me, so we chit-chatted. He was cute, so I said, "Let's fuck," and holy fuck, did he have a huge cock, biggest one I've ever seen on a white guy!

50Plus MILFs: How has being a model and a porn star changed you?

Sally: It really hasn't. I've always been kinky, and now I just get paid to be kinky. But I'd be doing it whether I was getting paid or not. I fuck all the time in my personal life, and you've seen the clothes I wear in public. I get a lot of attention, and I take advantage of it to fuck a lot. But you know what's funny? I used to be very shy.

50Plus MILFs: Like when you were 10 years old?

Sally: [Laughs] No, really! I was very shy, and then I just opened up, and now I open up all the time! [Laughs]

50Plus MILFs: So what's your favorite thing about being a model?

Sally: I've always wanted to be in the spotlight, and now I am. Plus, I get to fuck all these young, hung studs and do the kinds of things most women don't even dream about doing. I really don't have any fantasies anymore because I've made them all come true.

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Amber Lynn fucks a 19-year-old

Amber Lynn fucks a 19-year-old

"So, James, have you ever had an older woman before?" 40-year-old ultra-MILF Amber Lynn Bach asks the 19-year-old she's with. "No? Never? That's such a shame."

That's about to change because James is about to get a piece of one of the finest pieces of ass in all of MILF porn. Amber, wearing a tight, strappy dress that shows off her big tits and fuck-me pumps, gives James an experience he'll never forget. As a swinger and porn star, Amber has had many cocks in her life. She wants a new one, and when she wants a new cock, she gets it. Busty moms don't come any hotter than Amber Lynn.

"I'm more of the submissive type, but I can be aggressive at times," said Amber Lynn, who's a mother of two. "If it's a person who's new to me, I'm normally not aggressive."

Amber is aggressive in this scene as she puts the moves on James. She doesn't think of herself as a cougar and never thought of doing porn until a boyfriend suggested it. At the time, she was already swinging and dancing fully nude in South Florida.

"My response was, 'Sure, let's give it a go," she said. "I went into amateur-style porn because I was already swinging, and I went from doing regular modeling to things that were more fetish-oriented."

Amber says she has a fuck-me shoe fetish, has sex at least four times a week and has had enough sexual experiences to fill a Masters & Johnson book.

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Selena Adams on Board. All Hands on Deck.

Selena Adams on Board. All Hands on Deck.

Attention, crewmen! All hands on ... deck. Selena Adams has come on board for an inspection. A salute is in order for this stacked shipmate.

Everything looks shipshape, especially beautiful Selena and her beguiling breasts. But take care. Distracted sailors who look too long at her bounteous high beams and buff body have fallen overboard.

Selena takes over the boat and puts on a show. The crew raises the flag in her honor. There will be no mutiny on this boat, thanks to Selena's buoyant moves and bountiful bust. She's the bonny bomb.

As we've written before, even though SCORE is based in south Florida, few SCORE girls have been locals. With her sex appeal, looks, talent and big tits, Selena Adams may be the ultimate Miami SCORE Girl.

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