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Ass-fucked by her grandson's friend

Ass-fucked by her grandson's friend

Maria Fawndeli is waiting for her husband to get ready so they can go to a party. He's running late. She's impatient.

"You're worse than a woman," says Maria, who's 60 years old and wearing a sexy, cleavage-revealing dress.

When Maria walks downstairs, she sees her grandson's friend, Brad, sitting on the couch. Seems like he's waiting for Maria's grandson to come home so they can go out.

So Maria sits down next to him.

And starts rubbing his cock.

And then she takes his cock out and sucks it. Maria is a very noisy cock-sucker. She gives wet, sloppy blow jobs. And she seems to have forgotten that her hubby is upstairs. Until he comes downstairs and shouts....

"What the hell are you doing over there?"

He's angry but not as angry as you'd think he'd be.

"Well, if this is what you want to do, you might as well enjoy the hell out of it," Mr. Fawndeli says. "Incredible."

Yeah, incredible is right. Meanwhile, her grandson's friend is slapping his cock against her face and she's mouthing it like it's corn on the cob. And then her grandson's friend fucks her pussy.

"As long as you're fucking happy," Mr. Fawndeli says.

And then her ass.

And then her grandson's friend is cumming all over Maria's face.

Looks like they're going to be late for that party.

And, yes, Maria is very fucking happy.

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A big-titted granny from the UK fucks herself

A big-titted granny from the UK fucks herself

Here's Wendy Leigh, who's making her debut after fucking at in 2020. Wendy was unusual in that she just sucked and fucked; she didn't do a solo scene, so this is the first chance we're getting to see this 60-year-old grandma showing off her big tits and fucking her pussy with a toy all by herself. The view is excellent.

Wendy is a divorcee from Leicester, England, who wears short skirts, tight jeans and low-cut tops when she goes out. And she loves being watched while having sex.

"I'm not shy," she said.

What's the best part about being a hot, sexy MILF? "Demanding lots of attention."

Sex on a first date? "Definitely. Why not?"

Her biggest physical asset? "My boobs."

What a man should do if he wants to meet her? "Be nice to me."

It'll pay off.

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Playtime for Ana

Playtime for Ana

Playtime for Ana

Ana lived in Virginia Beach, Virginia. A girl-next-door type, she did what all girls do in Virginia: write poetry, ride horses and play with her dogs. She worked as an animal caretaker and had planned to become a vet.

Ana said she liked "funny, compassionate guys that are sure of themselves and confident but not cocky and obnoxious." She expects men to make the first move. Ana thought one of the sexiest things in the world is "the curve of a woman's breast." We agree with her. The porn stud in bed with her in this scene is Talon.

"My friends know me for being spontaneous and doing things that are out of the ordinary. I do amateur adult videos and am always being criticized for it. The way I see it, you only live once, so as long as you're not hurting anyone, why not have some fun?"

Ana also paired off with Annie Swanson in Ultimate Annie Swanson.


Short 'n' stacked Latina Sofia Damon shows off her huge naturals

Short 'n' stacked Latina Sofia Damon shows off her huge naturals

SCORELAND and The SCORE Group have made a multitude of contributions to the world, but I think one of our best is one of the most-recent: proving Latina chicks are about more than their big asses. Sure, back in the 1990s, Angelique (now a SCORE Big-Boob Hall of Famer) was doing her part to prove that, but she was an exception, and, besides, her tits weren't natural. But over the last decade or so, naturally stacked babes such as Cat Bangles, Kim Velez, Julia Mendoza, Isa Gomez, Angie Bravo, Sofia Deluxe, Shara Lopez and the girl we have here, Sofia Damon, have put the tit in Latina, and I know that makes absolutely no sense, but these girls boggle the mind.

Sofia, who's Colombian, is only 5'3" tall but has G-cup naturals. Here, she's wearing a sheer, red long-sleeve leotard that's transparent enough to see her dark areolae and nipples. Her tits are full and dominate her chest. They look heavy (I haven't had the chance to find out for certain if they are) and have sexy tan lines.

"I love to show off my big bust," Sofia said. "That's why I wear low-cut tops, tight tank-tops and little bikinis. I dress for my breasts."

Good for her!

SCORELAND: Do you play with yourself at home?

Sofia: Yes, I masturbate frequently and I enjoy it.

SCORELAND: Do you have a sex fantasy you think of often?

Sofia: Many men kissing and licking my pussy.

SCORELAND: So what satisfies you best?

Sofia: I love to have my pussy licked.

SCORELAND: How often do you have sex?

Sofia: Three times a week.

SCORELAND: Any favorite positions?

Sofia: On all fours and on top.

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Sahara Leone's Pointy Nipples

Sahara Leone's Pointy Nipples

Sahara Leone was a cheerleader. Naturally, the editors thought she would look hot in a cheerleader's outfit. She has the pom-poms for it. She's also flexible and can do splits. A two-piece lingerie set is what Sahara begins this scene in, and she wears it well in the bathroom...until she doesn't wear it.

"I like to wear small crop tops to show off my breasts and my small waist," said Sahara. "I buy lacey push-up bras. I can buy 34DDs off the rack."

Yoga, spending a day at the beach and cooking are some of Sahara's favorite things to do when she's not showing off her nude bod and masturbating or doing a porn video.

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Miracle of the Bells

Miracle of the Bells

If Micky Bells's pants were any tighter, she would need a lube gun to get out of them. Forget about the lush, scenic vistas of the Caribbean. Seeing pretty Micky walk in those heels is one of the world's greatest sights.

"Even when I do not dress sexy like this, I draw a lot of attention," says Micky.

"I like to walk for exercise," says the great bust-star who lists gaming as one of her hobbies. "I want to try bungee jumping one day."

The video is slightly different than the matching pictures. In this video, Micky is wearing only blue booty shorts at first. She dresses in the tight pants and bustier, then undresses.

Does 36K-cupper Micky have any talents or skills she considers special? "None I can think of," Micky says modestly. "Maybe that I can suck my boobs without hands." That's definitely counted as a skill at XLGirls.

"When I feel horny, I just start masturbating. Who doesn't?"

The funniest pick-up lines she's heard so far are "Do you have a twin sister?" and "Is your Mom available?" Micky did not say if she gave those guys her phone number but chances are she didn't.

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