Lilli Lou: Selfie-Sex

Lilli Lou: Selfie-Sex

Lilli Lou: Selfie-Sex

Wanting to take some hot selfies, pretty Lilli Lou puts on one of her sexiest outfits - a low-cut top that displays her big boobs and a tight black skirt. She calls Michael Fly to come join her and take over, handing him her phone. Lilli gets into showing off her big, plush boobs now that she has a cameraman.

Michael loves Lilli's tits, their shape, size and feel. He stops taking photos and takes his dick out of his pants. He offers it to Lilli who eager takes it between her pretty lips. Michael holds Lilli's head as she lovingly sucks on the shaft and licks the balls like an ice cream cone. He fucks Lilli's throat, and from the way she gazes at him, she's enjoying his cock filling her warm, hungry mouth.

Taking off her blouse, Michael lays Lilli down on the couch and finishes undressing her so he can feast his eyes on her gorgeous, naked body. First, he wants to fuck her big tits. Lilli squeezes her breasts together, his cock between them. She stares into his eyes and her pink tongue flicks out to lick the head of his dick and suck on it. Parting her legs, Michael wedges his dick into her young pussy and they fuck.

Lilli sucks more of his cock down her throat then gets her ass up in the air so he can pound her from behind, making her eyes roll back. There's still one more position she wants to enjoy before he drops his load on her beautiful breasts.

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Crystal Taylor: Super-sized Sex

Crystal Taylor: Super-sized Sex

Crystal Taylor wants to be a huge-tit trophy girl for Nicky Rebel. She has him wait in the bedroom for her to make an entrance wearing a short, tight dress. After he eyes Crystal up and down, he undresses her and goes wild on her, finger-banging and tonguing her pussy, fucking her massive tits and ramming his cock into her. Crystal is like an Otis Sweat and Duncan Gutteridge painting in the flesh.

"I work out every day," Crystal told us. "I don't play sports but I watch football. My favorite team is the New York Giants (NFL). My hobbies are working out, gardening, cooking, going on hikes and going to the beach.

"I always emphasize my breasts and wear tight clothing when I go out. I get a lot of attention everywhere I go. I love and embrace it."

After railing Crystal, Nicky shoots cum all over her tits and face. Crystal licks the cum off her fingers and rubs the rest into her boobs.

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Remi Ferdinand: People Stare, but I Love It

Remi Ferdinand: People Stare, but I Love It

"The best compliments I receive are compliments on the quality of my work and style, both of which I care greatly about and put a lot of effort into," Remi Ferdinand said. "I can't identify any stand-out bad compliments in memory, but will say that backhanded ones do suck to receive."

What do you wear when you want to feel sexy?

"I take great care with my style. I love to dress in many different ways. Sometimes, very feminine, sometimes with a slight edge. I love putting the ladies on display. Everyone loves a great set of tits sitting perfectly in a nice outfit. Dressing up and being appreciated makes me feel sexy.

"For me, I love all things beautiful in the world. So to be able to dress up and love my own appearance is a gift. I'm not immune to my own self-criticism at times, but I work harder on loving myself."

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Mariza Rabbit's Skintight Bodysuit

Mariza Rabbit's Skintight Bodysuit

Mariza Rabbit starts the big show by wearing a metallic red bodysuit that clings to her spectacular physique like it was spray-painted on her. She ends the big show by squirting. The super-busty covergirl of SCORE magazine Volume 33, Number 1, Mariza was photographed just in time for this edition. "Mariza arrived at our studio just in time to be included in this issue, and when we looked at her photos, we screamed, 'Covergirl!'" commented SCORE editor Dave. Mariza takes us back to the early days of SCORE when dancers with huge boobs ruled.

SCORELAND: Mariza, what did you think of your SCORE magazine cover?

Mariza Rabbit: I loved it! It's such an honor to be chosen for the cover.

SCORELAND: Do you get recognized in public?

Mariza Rabbit: Yes, I am.

SCORELAND: Do people stop you and ask if they can take a photo with you?

Mariza Rabbit: Yes, or they try to sneak one.

SCORELAND: Do you treat your breasts in any special way?

Mariza Rabbit: I put lotion on them every day after I shower.

SCORELAND: That's something we'd like to see.

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Rack Warehouse

Rack Warehouse

Rack Warehouse is where horny dudes go to get their balls drained of fuckin' cum. Daphne Rosen is in a tight spot there, but she's been in tight spots before so don't worry about her. Her tight spots can handle any dick size.

At first, Daphne is on top of things and very dominant and bossy. The tables then turn and she finds herself on the wrong end of a riding crop but the right end of a spurting meat hose. Her guest fucks the living shit out of Daphne, impaling her every which way but easy.

Ever the lovin' cum-whore, Daphne extracts his man-juice with a vigorous jacking, taking the hefty load over her massive jugs. She has not met a cock she cannot wrangle, and she has met some jumbo tools. All in all, cock is Daphne's god, her king, her ruler, and her reason for being. Her purpose is to serve man.

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She Cums Like A Mack Truck

She Cums Like A Mack Truck

Christy loves porn and truckers, so what better way to let her get off than to let her go at herself in front of a truck while looking at titties and pussy, which, in turn, make her touch her titties and pussy? We think that Christy would be the perfect girlfriend just because when she starts checking out the porn magazines we gave her, you can tell that she is into the tits almost as much as you are. And who wouldn't want to watch their girlfriend masturbate on a pile of dirty magazines? That is pretty much the definition of the best girlfriend, ever! And the best part about this video? Watching Christy cum right at the end, when her eyes roll into the back of her head and she moans and shudders. She cums like a Mack truck and it's awesome!

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