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After School Play

After School Play

If every college campus had at least one coed who looks like Melissa Manning, our educational system would be so much the better. Melissa is the dream coed, and yes, she was the bustiest girl in her school. All the boys offered to carry her big books while actually thinking of offering to carry her big boobs.

Melissa is the reason why teachers give students dirty looks. Because they're jealous.

As Melissa gets out of her schoolgirl costume and positions herself to display every inch of her luscious physique, she eyes the glass desk. Squishing her spank-worthy ass and big boobs against the glass inspired our cameraman to get under the table and capture something pressing.

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After School Play

After School Play

Pretty Melissa Manning is that fantasy college coed male students and professors wish they could sit next to. Unfortunately for thousands of university campuses around the world, there is only one Melissa. She is blessed by nature and passing the blessings forward by becoming a model and posing for SCORE and Voluptuous. That kind of generosity is beyond mere tape-measurement.

Melissa's numbers add up to a healthy 44-28-38. Not the numbers in the notebook she's writing in. The numbers that make up Melissa's astounding body. (We'll take it for granted that you've seen Melissa's re-measuring video ("Melissa's Cups Runneth Over") by now.

Now, Melissa says she should be studying but she can feel your eyes staring at her heavy tits. She says it's getting really hot at her desk and she doesn't know how she's supposed to get any studying done with you staring.

That bra is too tight, complains Melissa. The poor girl can't breathe. She must readjust her kneadable knockers right then and there. Melissa stands up and squeezes her big boobs together so tightly, they escape her bra. Just how lusciously squeezable are those cupcakes? Melissa will show how much, squishing them and pinching her pointy nipples as the camera moves in for a tight close-up of her jubilant jugs.

When Melissa leans forward and presses her mamnificent melons on the glass desk top, there is only one respectable thing to do. Get under the desk and look up at Melissa. Miss Manning brings a new definition to tits and ass on glass!

Study hall is done for today. Who can concentrate with Melissa Manning's big boobs in their face?

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In a sexy fetish outfit including a choker, leather gloves and fishnets, adorable, young Gia Derza is ready for nasty anal fun! Cute, all-natural Gia sucks on a long, black dildo as older stud Jonni Darkko fucks her tight asshole. She stuffs the toy into her pussy for a cock/dildo double penetration! Gia gags on Jonni's dick, servicing him with an ass-to-mouth blowjob. He injects her gaping bunghole with thick, gooey lubricant that overflows as he buttfucks her. Gia enjoys a messy cum facial.

Gorgeous, tattooed TS Gloria Voguel spits on her thick she-dick and twerks in alluring red lace. Her boner wags back and forth as she plays with her pretty package. She wraps her manicured fingers around her boner and masturbates as she exposes her tight asshole. Gloria fucks a clear cock toy, oiling up her she-schlong in the process. She fondles her breasts as she strokes, moaning in orgasmic delight. Gloria gasps as she nears climax, anticipating the creamy explosion. She shoots hot cum all over her perfect TS body.

Vicky Soleil's Breast Exam

Vicky Soleil's Breast Exam

"I like to have sex everywhere," said Vicky Soleil. "First teased, then fucked until I cum."

Vicky's English is pretty good. She knows all the hot words.

Sex everywhere includes the medical office of this quack who Vicky sees for a stiff back. The doctor develops his own stiffness when he see the body on Vicky and decides to make his move. He prides himself on affordable healthcare for sexy girls with tits that enter a room ten seconds before they do. When he finds out that she's a model, his interest is even greater.

Wearing a tight, low-cut red dress and high heels, Vicky would make a deep impression in any man's shorts. First, the doctor massages Vicky's neck. He has her lower her dress, exposing her bra. This way he can examine her better. Using his stethoscope gives him an excuse to get Vicky to lower her bra.

His medical wisdom determines that Vicky should get on his table for further exploration and that she should remove her dress and bra. Whipping out his miracle goo, he applies the stuff to Vicky's awesome, natural tits and rubs it into her soft breast flesh.

Going for broke, he sticks his hand down Vicky's panties, sticking a finger in her pink honey-pot to check her temperature. Turned on, Vicky, now stark naked, reaches for his junk and starts to suck his engorged tongue depressor. She sucks his tool with great skill and lots of tongue twirling.

The exam is far from over. Vicky should get a hot beef injection before she leaves. She's the hottest and best-looking patient he's had in a long time. Such hotness also deserves to leave with a sperm sample. Before Vicky leaves, he sets up another appointment so he can get deeper into her situation.

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