Mariza Rabbit: Quench Your Thirst

Mariza Rabbit: Quench Your Thirst

Mariza Rabbit calls herself a pansexual cum slut. "When I give a blow job, I swallow every last drop," Mariza said. "I love oral and nipple rubbing. I have sex seven to ten times a week. Penetration and oral satisfy me the most. I'm more submissive than assertive but I can be both."

Mariza likes to swing when the opportunity arises, and not just her huge boobs and butt cheeks. "I met two couples at a club and went home with all four of them and had my first orgy! Another time, I got fucked in front of a big crowd of people at a swingers' club.

"I've had many fun times with other girls. My favorite one was when I met this sexy girl at a party, and after dancing all night, we went into the girls' bathroom and licked each other's pussies until we both came."

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Girls Who Love Girls

Girls Who Love Girls

Breast rubbing, kissing, licking, sucking and mashing. Nipples rubbing clits and ass cheeks. Pussies being spanked and finger-fucked. Tongue-to-tongue and lip-locking. Hot and busty female bodies massaging, fondling and hugging.

That's what's on the minds of Roxanne Diamond and Amorina, guided by their idol and role model, Joana, one of the most-popular naturals and an MVP of major league yabbos.

Joana is the Chairwoman of the Boob-board, guiding the girls to sticky cum-gasms and instructing them in the ways of satisfying her own desire for female bodies. Joana has two very willing disciples at her service. They look up to her and would probably do anything she tells them to. It's a top-heavy threesome of tits, clits and slits.

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A Girl Named Catt Green

A Girl Named Catt Green

Miss Catt Green has a regular job. She decided to give modeling a try after reading Catt has all-natural 36G-cup boobs, a pretty body and a fun personality.

"My idea of a perfect day is a day when I don't have to work!" said the perky, pretty redhead, a real girl-next-door, aka GND.

Our photographer even wondered if Catt had prior modeling experience by the way she moves on-camera,

"My boobs are too big to not wear a bra. Most of the time I wear a T-shirt and jeans. In the summer, mostly shorts. Being here gave me an excuse to play dress up."

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Chloe Lamoure: Busty & Bad Biker Babe

Chloe Lamoure: Busty & Bad Biker Babe

Pretty girl Chloe Lamoure does the right thing in this outdoor scene. She sponges and hoses her righteous body and big tits more than she washes the bike. Her priorities are in the right order.

Chloe doesn't go out on dates. She'd rather hang out with friends. As far as the cock, Chloe gets plenty doing porn with pros. She likes multiple partners. Her "furniture sales" scene with Steve left scorch marks on the smooth Corinthian leather couch.

"I really like blow jobs and swallowing. My favorites. I love long anal foreplay and having my boobs massaged. I like my feet rubbed too. I like to see a guy massage my feet. He should like to do that, not because I ask."

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Barbie Nicole's Super Spectacular Bra-busting Lingerie Try-ons

Barbie Nicole's Super Spectacular Bra-busting Lingerie Try-ons

Big tits are not Barbie Nicole's life. Huge tits are her life. Jessy Bunny, Victoria Vale, Ricki Raxxx and Mariza Rabbit share this zest for breast. Their inspirations are Chelsea Charms, Minka, Lisa Lipps, Kayla Kleevage, Wendy Whoppers, Casey James and other mega-busty SCORE Girls.

SCORELAND: How long is the biggest toy you have used?

Barbie Nicole: The longest toy I ever used is a six-incher. I have a super-tight kitty.

SCORELAND: Do you like long toys or thick toys?

Barbie Nicole: I don't like thick toys. They hurt my kitty.

SCORELAND: How did you meet Cat (xqueenofclamsx), the girl on Botched with you? She's a SCORE Girl too, in my opinion.

Barbie Nicole: She is my breast friend. She will be perfect for SCORE. We should collaborate in the future. I will try again soon. I love her.

SCORELAND: Are you looking for a husband? What kind of guy should he be?

Barbie Nicole: I would love a husband who is super-fit and can make me laugh. A man that's proud of my huge bimbo boobs and hourglass body and just wants to parade me around because it turns him on.

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Deep Inside Jessy Bunny

Deep Inside Jessy Bunny

If three times is a charm, then boning Jessy Bunny four times is like winning the huge-tit lottery. This is Czech stud Tom's fourth time schtupping German bimbo queen Jessy and sucking her uber-boobs. He was the first to fuck Jessy at SCORELAND and has enjoyed her fantasy-girl body in each of her bimbofication stages. Has she finished her breast expansion? We don't know and we can't predict. She has a fun Youtube channel where she informs her followers about events in the world of Jessy.

"I thought my scene was superhot. I got way more confident sexually since I started making them," wrote Jessy, who moved from Austria to Mallorca, an island off the coast of Spain. "I am way more open about my sexuality and I directly let the guy know what I want. I feel like a real porn goddess when I'm watching them."

SCORELAND: Do you ever pleasure yourself looking at your videos and photos?

Jessy Bunny: Sometimes to re-imagine that hot scene. Like how the guy fucked me. How he pleasured my moist pussy. These videos are like the only possibility for me to see my body in different angles so it turns me on even more. Seeing my pussy in a close-up, seeing my big fake tits bounce. I love that.

SCORELAND: Have there been any favorite places for sex?

Jessy Bunny: Yes, on the beach, in a plane and in the sea.

SCORELAND: What makes you horny?

Jessy Bunny: My boobs!

SCORELAND: What should a guy do if he wants to meet you?

Jessy Bunny: Own a cute dog.

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