Crystal Taylor: Super-sized Sex

Crystal Taylor: Super-sized Sex

Crystal Taylor wanted to super-size her boobs to ultra-bimbo dimensions. That was Crystal's goal and she accomplished it. Now she wants to show off to Nicky Rebel. She has him wait for her to make an entrance, and when she does, he can't wait to remove her dress and go down on her pussy and nipples.

Crystal impressively deep-throats Nicky's cock and lies back so he can fuck her tits. He plays with her body, then has her get on top of his dick with her back to him so we can see her giant boobs shake as he pumps her.

Crystal gets on her knees and takes his dick in her mouth. He throat-fucks her rapidly and then has her mount his pole again in a cowgirl position.

"I love giving and receiving oral," Crystal said, and there's plenty of dick sucking and pussy licking in this scene. She gives Nicky's cock a major workout and drains his balls, licking his load off her fingers and rubbing the rest into her boobs.

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Mariza Rabbit's Skintight Bodysuit

Mariza Rabbit's Skintight Bodysuit

It's never easy choosing a covergirl for any issue of SCORE. Just the fact that a girl is included in the magazine means she's a candidate to be the covergirl. SCORE Volume 33, Number 1 was Mariza Rabbit's debut issue. It was the right occasion for her first time as a covergirl.

SCORELAND: Mariza, what's your favorite kind of fantasy role play?

Mariza: I love being a hot wife.

SCORELAND: What tit-fucking position is your favorite?

Mariza: The best way is me lying on my back.

SCORELAND: You were a dancer. Do you still dance in strip clubs?

Mariza: Not anymore. Now I just focus on videos and photos.

SCORELAND: What is an average day like for you?

Mariza: I go to the gym and then come home and work on my Onlyfans page for the rest of the day.

SCORELAND: You must have all eyes on you at the gym.

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The Pool Pump

The Pool Pump

We talked to busty wife club member Barbie Kelley about big boobs and more.

SCORELAND: What do you love about big boobs?

Barbie: Breasts are like chocolate chip cookies fresh out of the oven. Little ones are good. But big ones are even better. Breasts are really beautiful. They're soft and pillowy and feminine. They're pretty shades of pink and brown. Who wouldn't want more of that gorgeous goodness? And they're fun to play with. Large breasts are almost like an accessory in and of themselves. Who needs a statement necklace when you've got two big, beautiful orbs peeking out of every outfit?

SCORELAND: What did you think when you saw your first SCORE photos and videos?

Barbie: My first was for SCORE magazine, and I was mesmerized! Now I open it and browse it when it comes in the mail. A quick preview before hubby gets home from work turns me on tremendously ... guilty pleasure!

SCORELAND: Have you been recognized as a SCORE Girl in public?

Barbie: Not really. A SCORE fan asked for a pic and my autograph in Las Vegas at the AVN Adult Video Expo; however, I am sure he just recognized my SCORE shirt and cleavage I was proudly displaying.

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Bibi, The Living Sex Doll

Bibi, The Living Sex Doll

Bibi Bugatti is into extreme bimbofication and has dedicated her life to it. Born in Amsterdam, she spends most of her time in Dubai, an adult playground for the wealthy and the fast living. Bibi got into shooting porn in 2023. She doesn't cite anyone as an influence in her transition to nude modeling and porn.

Calling herself a sex addict, Bibi said she likes to cum five times a day. Deep and hard sex is her favorite. Cumming with vibrators is another way she gets off. She likes to have her pussy and clit licked and her favorite fucking position is doggy. So far, she hasn't fucked, or been fucked, by a girl. Most likely that day will come.

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Bad Bella in The Pool Man & The Bad Girl

Bad Bella in The Pool Man & The Bad Girl

Busty bikini babe Bad Bella is enjoying some pool time when stud-man Peter Fitzwell shows up to do the pool maintenance. Of course, Bella wants him to put suntan lotion on her sexy little body instead rather than rake leaves. They wind up in her bedroom where he fucks Bella so hard her eyes roll back. "I love the energy Bella brings to the shoots," Peter told us. This is his second shoot with Bella.

My second and third SCORE scenes opened up a lot for me," Bella said. "I learned a ton from my first scenes. Meeting Peter Fitzwell also opened up a whole new world of friends and opportunities for me."

SCORELAND: What gets you horny, Bella?

Bad Bella: Foreplay, oral, teasing and edging get me very horny.

SCORELAND: What's the best comment you've ever received? What was the worst?

Bad Bella: That I'm intelligent and sweet is always appreciated. But people like to make fun of my plastic body all the time. Most love it.

SCORELAND: Who should make the first move?

Bad Bella: I wait for a man to approach me. If he doesn't, he didn't want me bad enough.

SCORELAND: What do you consider to be your biggest assets mentally and physically.

Bad Bella: That I work and play hard. Physically? My big boobs.

SCORELAND: What makes you feel sexy?

Bad Bella: Wearing tight clothes that fit me like a glove.

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The Gigantic Boobs of Crystal Taylor

The Gigantic Boobs of Crystal Taylor

How Crystal Taylor's bra can hold her beyond-enormous tits without the straps failing is a miracle of underwear engineering. Crystal wanted super-sized breasts and super-sized ass cheeks and she got what she wanted. Crystal begins her show wearing a tight red dress, slips out of it, releases her huge tits from her bra and strips off her panties. Now totally nude, Crystal plays with her mega-boobs and deep-fingers her bald pussy.

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