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Chloe Doesn't Need Boob Grow Cream

Chloe Doesn't Need Boob Grow Cream

Chloe orders some Boob Grow cream from the internet, but we like her itty bitties the way they are. And after she sees how hard this guy's cock gets for her flat chest, maybe she'll decide to chuck the cream. He rubs the cream into her tits, getting her hot and bothered with his rough massage. Chloe's chest doesn't grow, but his cock does. Chloe hops on for a ride, and her tight pussy and flat chest make him so hard that he cums at the beginning of their session and then continues to fuck her. She screams while getting pounded and occasionally takes a break from sex to suck her juices off his shaft. The only cream that Chloe needs on her chest is man-cream, which she gets twice in this scene!

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Joana Bliss Makes Time Stop

Joana Bliss Makes Time Stop

As this scene starts, Joana Bliss, a woman with good taste, picks out one of her sexiest tank dresses to show off her curves. She owns the camera as always, caressing her huge tits and her shapely ass and legs.

Sitting in her happy seat, Joana takes a giant black dildo and licks it while she fingers her pussy lips. Sticking her toy inside her pink pussy, Joana pumps her wet cookie, her body quivering from the pleasure. She moans loudly when she reaches her hot zone and licks her finger and the dildo.

The incredible surprise of 2022 was two-time Voluptuous Model of the Year Joana doing hardcore after 18 years of solos and girl-girls. Before the big day, the SCORELAND Blog went on overload with every kind of reaction and comment to the news that an unnamed major model was going to have sex on-camera for the first time. A record-breaking number of comments poured in. Some guessed correctly that Joana was the model breaking her on-camera cherry. Others were way off the mark. Even your editors were very surprised when we originally learned that Joana was going to do boy-girl because we never thought she would.

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Ciara's fantasy cums true

Ciara's fantasy cums true

As Ciara was shooting this scene, sucking and fucking a total stranger's cock, her hubby was home in Atlanta, Georgia, wondering what his wife was doing, knowing she was doing something most wives don't do and that she was enjoying it. Because Ciara, 49, had wanted to do this for a long time, but her hubby? He wasn't so sure he wanted to turn his wife loose. But you know what they say: You can't keep a horny woman down.

"I've never done a video before," Ciara tells us in the opener, "but I've had a lot of sex before, and if you stick around, you'll get to see me have hard, passionate, raw, wonderful sex."

Ciara sucks cock while having her pussy fingered and barks out orders, something she says she always does at home.

"Stick that cock in my pussy," Ciara demands. "That feels so fucking good!"

She gets fucked in a variety of positions then takes a load of cum on her very nice tits. She seems almost grateful! But can her marriage of 20 years survive this? How will her hubby deal with his wife's sudden ascension to porn stardom?

"He'll be fine," Ciara said. "After I fuck him."

These MILFs always get their way.

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Codi goes country

Codi goes country

Codi goes country

On the balcony of a hidden country home, Codi calls you over to come visit. She wants to show you something. She bares her big, beautiful tits, and that's enough to convince you to go see her. There won't be a shotgun-carrying father around to spoil the fun.

"I feel sexiest when I can see and hear how badly a man who I desire wants me," Codi said. "How much I drive him crazy with lust."

When it comes to cumming, Codi likes mental as well as physical stimulation.

"I'm really cerebral and I can take forever if I'm not in the right mindset, but if I'm thinking about the right things, I can cum in like two minutes. Really quick."

Here, it takes her about four minutes, give or take. Enjoy the view.

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Karina's First TIT-FUCK!

Karina's First TIT-FUCK!

Here it is, fellas, the moment you've been waiting for: Karina finally tugs on a hard cock--a real, hard cock--and takes it between her glorious tits. This is the culmination of every boob-man's fantasy, and Karina doesn't disappoint in her hottest scene yet. It was shot for the full-length feature DVD Busty Riding Academy, available in the store. Basically, the setup goes like this: Karina and her busty friends (Christy Marks, Terry Nova, Jasmine Black, Melissa Mandlikova and Kristy Klenot) have been attending a riding school (although they seem to spend most of their time riding cocks, not horses). Lord Chandler, who runs the school, lusts after Karina, but she doesn't lust after him. She has her eyes on Carlos, the stable boy, and what Karina wants, Karina gets: a hot, sticky load all over her rack. Treasure these photos and the video, members. This is Karina's first boy-girl, and who knows if there'll ever be another.

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That Busty, Lusty Girl

That Busty, Lusty Girl

That Busty, Lusty Girl

Milly Marks has a hot daytime date, and it's going to finish with a happy ending. One of the all-time horniest and most sexual girls to ever enter SCORELAND, Milly's erotic personality and pure heat is off-the-charts.

We checked in with Milly after this steamer of a boy-girl XXX scene. She's made some lifestyle changes.

SCORELAND: What's the name of the club you dance in?

Milly: I'm not dancing anymore because I'm a full-time student.

SCORELAND: Do you still live in the same house of dancers?

Milly: I recently moved out of my big house full of strippers, but now I have a nice apartment with one stripper friend.

SCORELAND: Wow. Big change. Part of this scene was in a car. Do you drive? Do shoulder belts annoy you?

Milly: I do a lot of driving because it's therapeutic for me, and the seat belts can get annoying because they usually ride up to my neck or I put it down below my boobs and then it's not really doing much for my safety. Hopefully, my tits work like airbags.

SCORELAND: Do you ever do any tit-fucking with a bra on?

Milly: Yes, I love getting tit-fucked with a bra on because it makes everything tighter for the cock and it's a good way to start out and tease, in my opinion.

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