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Petite Ariel Grace Gets Fucked Every Way By an Older Guy

Petite Ariel Grace Gets Fucked Every Way By an Older Guy

Some girls might be grossed out to catch a guy watching porn, but not Ariel. She walks in on her brother's friend doing just that, and it turns her on, especially when she sees his hard-on bulging through his pants. Ariel goes for his cock, eagerly sucking and jacking it. Her boyfriend doesn't fuck her right, so she wants to see if an older guy can please her.

Ariel climbs on top and bounces her little ass up and down as she rides his cock, leaving his shaft glistening with her goo. We get to see her slender body and tiny tits as she gets fucked every which way. And judging by the sound of her moans, this guy is hitting the spot. In the end, she lays back to happily take his seed all over her tongue and face. Ariel doesn't just watch porn; she makes it.

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How To Fill 36M Cups

How To Fill 36M Cups

As our photographer says at the beginning of this video, "Here's someone who needs no introduction." Beautiful as ever, Milly wears a red tank top and leans forward while she chats with him for a few minutes. Milly says her breasts are now 36M-cups. If the sight of her unleashing those torpedoes doesn't make your eyes pop, nothing will.

Milly goes to a specialty store to buy new bras. The store staff doesn't use a tape measure.

"They just eyeball me. They kind of just look at the bra I'm wearing and we try on tons of bras until they find the ones that fit," Milly said.

Sounds like those folks should be working here, or at least finding models for us. Her workouts at the gym are better when she's wearing the right bras to keep all of her goodies from getting out of control. Even so, Milly gets lots of attention.

The photographer mentions a comment Minka once made: "The bigger the boobs, the more you get horny. "

"I think there might be some truth to that," Milly responds. She knows who Minka is and knows the power big boobs have over men. And with that said, Milly walks over to a wall mirror....

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The Secret Beneath Micky's Nightie

The Secret Beneath Micky's Nightie

Dreamgirl Micky Bells takes her second SCORE holiday and this time, her destination is the resort town of Puerto Vallarta, Mexico. Her first time was in Montego Bay, Jamaica where she met Terri Jane, Gya and other SCORE Girls for various exciting projects. Now Micky meets another dream team. Natalie Fiore, Hitomi all the way from Japan, Leanne Crow and Jenna Valentine are her new resort-mates.

Tonight, completely covered in a granny nightie suitable for sleeping in a convent, Micky looks ready for a glass of milk and a romance novel before burrowing under the covers. Appearances are deceiving. Underneath this hard-on killer is the kind of bad girl lingerie that you'd see in the window of a store where strippers shop!

Micky's enormous 36J hooters dangle free in her cupless, strappy outfit, and huge they are. Micky completes the bad girl image by encasing her lovely legs in black stockings and high heels. Now she's dressed to thrill. Taking it another step further, Micky not only opens her sweet pussy, she fills it with the working end of a cock-shaped strap-on dick and in all kinds of hot and horny fucking positions! How's that for a Mexican hayride!

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But Mrs. Morgan, I'm your son's best friend!

 But Mrs. Morgan, I'm your son's best friend!

When this scene opens, Naughty Alysha Morgan, one of the filthiest, raunchiest, hottest, big-titted MILFs in the world, is lying in bed. She's restless. She's horny. She turns over, tits out, and starts rubbing her pussy. Her husband is lying next to her, fast asleep, oblivious to what's going on as Alysha dips a few fingers into her wet cunt. This goes on for a few minutes. Then she looks over to check on her hubby. He's still sleeping, so she gets out of bed, sneaks downstairs and fucks her son's big-dicked best friend.

Fast asleep? Oblivious? Not quite.

The husband isn't Alysha's real-life husband. It's me. And I wasn't fast asleep. I was fully aware that just inches away, one of my favorite models ever had her tits and pussy out. That's what's call great acting. I don't know how the hell I controlled myself. I wanted to roll over and help her out, and fuck the script! I wanted to fuck Alysha.

But it was not to be.

Fortunately, the next day, I got to do the next-best thing (and by next-best thing, I don't mean anything close to the best thing). I got to interview her. I got to tell her to get her tits out. I got to ask her to lock her legs behind her head. I got to squirt lube onto her pussy while she looked up at me. I got to tell her which huge toys to shove inside her pussy, and she followed my directions.

Like I said, it wasn't quite like fucking her. But it was fun.

Alysha was 40 years old when this scene was shot. Full disclosure: I had been waiting for years for her to turn 40 because I so wanted to bring her into the studio for I needed to meet her in person. I needed to meet this hot, blond, big-titted MILF who loves to fuck herself with huge toys. And she did not disappoint.

Alysha is from the Tampa area. She's a swinger. She has children. She has a husband, who is usually her videographer. He accompanied her to our studio. He was sitting just a few feet away while Alysha sucked and fucked Johnny's big cock. Alysha told me that she and her husband take turns watching each other fuck. They seem to have a very happy marriage.

That's because her real-life husband acts nothing like the dork who's playing her husband in this video. But believe me, guys: I wanted to fuck her. I really wanted to fuck her.

In my dreams, right?

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Jacking In The Ladies Room

Jacking In The Ladies Room

Maserati has excellent tool polishing talents and this skill is put to good use in "Jacking In The Ladies Room" at

Maserati takes over the men's room where she is frantically stripped down so we can see her gorgeous bod and fuckable tits. Squatting down on her high heels, Maserati starts with the two-handed clean and jerk, stiffening Largo's bologna through his fly.

He lies down on the floor in the toilet stall. He'll do anything to get a happy ending. Maserati mounts him and gets to work jacking, bending forward to engulf his shaft between her 42 inch, 34H-cup melons (all-natural and solidly packed with breast-meat).

High-energy, adventurous, cock-pleasing, cock-teasing, cock-squeezing Maserati will be stroking the bone with expert moves in several different positions in this hot Tits & Tugs encounter. Filmed in P.O.V. jack-vision.

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Big-Titted Mom With Multi-Pierced Cunt Gives First On-Camera BJ

Big-Titted Mom With Multi-Pierced Cunt Gives First On-Camera BJ

The boss is sitting at one end of the table. Miss Deb, his secretary, is sitting at the other end when the boss asks her to bring him some papers.

"There's something I want from you, too, sir," she says. She looks so conservative with her hair up and those thick glasses and her blouse buttoned to the top. But then she crawls under the table! What's she doing down there? She's between his legs! She's letting her hair down! She's taking off her glasses! She's rubbing his cock through his pants! How the hell is anybody supposed to get any work done around here?

Then she's unbuttoning her blouse and showing off her big tits. Then she's sucking his dick. Then she's putting on an ass show. And then it turns out that Miss Deb has a bunch of very kinky rings hanging from her cunt lips. And then she's sucking him again and jacking him into her mouth.

The only jobs getting done around here are blow jobs and tug jobs. Got a problem with that?

Oh, we almost forgot. The vital details. Okay. Deb is 54 years old. She lives in Spokane, Washington. She's married. Her tits are DDD-cups. She's 5'2" and weighs 122 pounds. She's a mom. She says the people who know her best would be surprised to see her here.

"Oh, yes!" she said. "They would not expect it. But I have always had an open mind. Life needs to be lived to the fullest."

And that means crawling under the table to suck off the boss.

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