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My Family Pies - Fucking And Fireworks - S25:E6

My Family Pies - Fucking And Fireworks - S25:E6

featuring Freya Parker and Madison Summers.

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Jul 2, 2022


It's the Fourth of July, and Freya Parker and Madison Summers are getting all dressed up in tight little patriotic outfits to go to a party. The girls are just about ready to get going when Madison's stepbrother, Ricky Spanish, walks in and asks what they're up to. He asks if he can come to he party, but both Madison and Freya put him down and tell him he's not going to any party they're at. The girls go to the kitchen to find the fireworks they said they'd bring to the party, but they learn that Ricky already shot them off. Madison tells Ricky that if he goes and gets them more fireworks they might let him come to the party with them.

Later, Ricky returns with a big box of fireworks. The girls are riffling through the box when they realize that Ricky has put his dick in the box. Freya finds it first, and makes eye contact with Ricky as she strokes it. When Madison realizes what's up, she tries to protest. Freya likes it, though, and argues that it's not a little pecker at all. Madison suggests that if Freya likes it so much, maybe she should fuck Ricky while Madison sits back and watches. That's all the encouragement Freya needs to get down on her knees and start sucking Ricky's dick. True to her word, Madison gets on the couch and diddles herself as Ricky enjoys first a BJ and then the chance to sink balls deep into Freya's juicy cooch.

Watching her stepbrother bang her best friend is too much for Madison to just passively enjoy. It's not long before Freya gets off the D to let Madison have a go. Getting on her hands and knees, Madison squeals in delight as Ricky slides into her greedy twat. The position also lets her eat Freya out, creating a true threesome. Freya gets to enjoy Ricky in reverse cowgirl with Madison rubbing her clit until Freya is gasping in delight. Once Madison has helped get Freya off, she gets on her back and welcomes Ricky home between her thighs. He gets Madison off with Freya's help, then gives her a nice big creampie. Madison tells them that she's not on birth control and begs Freya to get it out of her, so Freya leans in and slurps the cum out.

Petite porn minx Gabi Paltrova performs a hot tease in skimpy lingerie. The raven-haired starlet strips and shows off to start, finally meeting up with enormously hung Damion Dayski. Amazed at the magnitude of his big Black cock, Gabi immediately opens her mouth and sucks. She chokes and slobbers through a nasty blowjob, then lies spread-eagle on the couch, saying, 'You gonna break my ass open?' Damion obliges, thrusting his massive, mahogany meat into Gabi's sphincter. She commands him to pull out before long, showing the fans her vastly gaping rectum. Gabi farts and talks dirty through raunchy anal action, dousing Damion's dick in lube as he pounds her asshole. The wild nympho spanks her twat, rampantly rides rod and gives crude, ass-to-mouth head. A throat-fucking finale results in Gabi swallowing Damion's sperm!

Nikki Sexx: Sexx Fever

Nikki Sexx: Sexx Fever

Nikki Sexx: Sexx Fever

Nikki Sexx fever takes over when the busy blonde gets down with Marco Banderas. They were going out, but those plans get scuttled when he sees her huge tits in her halter top and gets fired up.

SCORELAND: What gets you hot?

Nikki Sexx: Really strong and passionate eye-locking sex where I can feel the heat rising and it boils over to an orgasm for either person. When I can feel a guy about to come to orgasm, it sets me off and has me really boiling over at that point.

SCORELAND: What type of foreplay do you like?

Nikki Sexx: I like dirty talk and being felt up. I also really like a guy to perv on me and masturbate while looking at me. Just that leery look with their dick in their hand will have my pussy gushing.

SCORELAND: It looked like Marco picked up on that. What was your kinkiest sexual encounter?

Nikki Sexx: I don't know that I can pick just one but just recently I was fucked in a Las Vegas stairwell and on the balcony. It felt really spontaneous and really dirty and I was beyond into it.

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Your Sexy Hair Stylist

Your Sexy Hair Stylist

What a cool chick. Valory Irene is not a hair stylist but that's a nice fantasy to get worked up over. We've all had lady hair cutters stick their tits (sadly covered-up) in our faces. Some of us won't settle for anything less. So Valory playing lady barber in a hair club for men is something to relate to. And when the customer leaves so Valory can get in your face... even better. Being in a closed hair salon with a stacked, naked beauty is an event to strive for. We're still looking for a real hair stylist who has a stacked body, big tits, a pretty face and will show it off for our cameras. Needless to say, this is a very difficult, unfulfilled goal but one that should not be abandoned.

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