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Bratty Sis - Fuck For A Haircut - S10:E12

Bratty Sis - Fuck For A Haircut - S10:E12

featuring Gianna Dior.

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Aug 23, 2019


Gianna Dior needs her stepbrother Lucas Frost's help to practice for her beauty school exam. She asks if she can cut Lucas's hair, and he initially says no. After some negotiation, Lucas agrees to do it for a blowjob. When that doesn't work, he tells Gianna that he'll just be looking down her shirt the whole time but that he'll do it anyway. Relocating to the kitchen, Lucas lets Gianna put the cape over him before noticing a hole at a very convenient spot. He asks Gianna if she's been jerking off other guys as she gives them haircuts and she denies it.

As he told her he would, Lucas pervs on Gianna's bra as she leans in to cut his hair. When he's nice and hard, he pops his dick through the hole in the cape. Gianna freaks out, but Lucas convinces her to touch it by claiming that the only way it'll go away is if he gets a handie. Gianna reluctantly agrees and then stays quiet as Lucas undoes her shirt so he can palm her big breasts. He takes the opportunity to coax his hot stepsis into sucking him off.

Now that Gianna has gone as far as a blowjob, it's no problem for Lucas to talk her into sex. She starts by pulling her panties aside and riding his fuck stick as he sits in the chair. They both shed their clothes, then Gianna climbs into a different chair and spreads her thighs so Lucas can dominate her nicely trimmed snatch. Leaning over the table, Gianna lets Lucas fuck her from behind until he pulls out and covers her back in jizz. Satisfied, Lucas peaces out on his sis instead of helping her prep for her exam.

Glamorous Russian beauty Victoria J and her sexy Czech girlfriend, Lee Anne, find themselves alone with Spanish stud Nacho Vidal. It's time for a nasty anal threesome! Nacho lowers Victoria's panties and buries his face in her soft ass. The girls apply their deepthroat blowjob skills to Nacho's huge, thick dick. Lee Anne mounts his meat and Victoria licks pussy juice from Nacho's shaft. He fucks Victoria up the ass; the ladies share rim jobs and ass-to-mouth cocksucking. Lee Anne takes an open-mouth cum facial, and the girls share a passionate cum kiss.

Kim Velez: Hot Bikini Girl's Slippery Nipples

Kim Velez: Hot Bikini Girl's Slippery Nipples

Kim Velez asks if we want to see her big tits. Since Kim's very small bikini top doesn't even cover her wide areolae peeking out from the sides, you're pretty much already seeing 90% of her beautiful boobs.

It's a hot, sunny day and Kim is ready for a cool pool. But first, proud Colombian girl Kim takes off her swimsuit (this girl was blessed by nature to wear bikinis) and shows off her sweet body.

Next comes the oil. Kim liberally douses herself. Her curvy body and slippery nipples shine in the sun. The slow motion action begins as Kim plays with her mouthwatering tits. She finds her happy place on a recliner and raises her pretty legs in the air to finger her pussy and enjoy a sun-drenched orgasm.

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Kim Velez: Hot Bikini Girl's Slippery Nipples

Kim Velez: Hot Bikini Girl's Slippery Nipples

Bikini babe Kim Velez spends a productive afternoon with the SCORE team. Sun, oil, a pool, a sexy, busty girl in and out of a bikini. Everything that makes for a must-see photo shoot and video scene.

"I like sincere people who say things as they are," said proud Colombian Kim. "I like happy, positive people. People who know what they want in life."

Kim's fantasy is to have sex in a movie theater. Risky public sex. She likes to fantasize about it while she masturbates. It's the thought of having sex in public but in a secretive way by doing it in the dark. Until the sounds and moans alert the people sitting close by.

"I love to get oral sex. I like a man who's a good kisser. Sometimes my sexy girlfriend and I like to play together and shower on webcam."

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Curly-Haired Teen Fuck Doll

Curly-Haired Teen Fuck Doll

Allie is a little curly-haired doll who's 5'2" and 85 lbs. She's light as a feather and will make you stiff as a board. In this video, she's trying to study. But the girls at never finish their homework. They get the uncontrollable urge to rub their pussy and cum, and Allie is no exception.

Allie is wearing a classic schoolgirl uniform and unbuttons her top. She's not wearing a bra and we can see her tiny tits and little nips. Inside her white cotton panties is a juicy, shaved pussy begging to be played with. Allie heeds the call of her cunny and strokes and fingers her slit.

She rubs herself till she cums, and we're sure you will too.

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What The Peeper Saw

What The Peeper Saw

Wearing a dress that looks like it requires a license or permit to wear, the very sexy Alyssa Lynn tells a hot little story about one of her horny experiences. Everything about this newcomer including her voice is sexy. Alyssa's big mounds of joy look like they are about to fall out of her tight outfit. The tops of her areolae peek over her low-cut top.

Alyssa likes to tease first, then please. She starts talking dirty as her story about a peeper gets to the juicy parts. And whoever Mr. Happy Pants was, he got lucky. Or rather, she let him get lucky. "He's got to work for it first," says Alyssa who's no pushover. Lick her pussy and fondle her shapely body and big tits to get her warmed up.

Her recount ending with a climax, Alyssa is ready to live out a new peeper experience with the SCORE cameras rolling. Playing the peeper, Rocky spies on Alyssa through the glass doors of the bedroom as she primps. She sees him and teases, pressing her big boobs against the glass. Alyssa lets him inside and Rocky immediately helps her undress. Small talk can wait. Stripped down to her panties, Alyssa grips his pants-pork and jerks him while he tickles her pussy under her panties.

Alyssa's panties are unusual. There's a row of white plastic balls that run along the center string. Their purpose is to keep a girl's pussy constantly stimulated. Valory Irene wore an orange pair in her photo shoot and video "Tropic Titillation."

Alyssa gets down to spit on his dick and suck it. She walks over to the bed to lay back and get comfy. Feeding her his slab, Rocky finger-bangs Alyssa again. Her big tits need fucking too. He straddles Alyssa and lays some pipe through her cleavage canal. Alyssa bends her head forward so she can suck his prick-head when it reaches her mouth on the up-stroke.

All the sucking, fingering and tit-pleasure get Alyssa and her sex date worked-up to the point of no return. Rocky loudly spanks Alyssa's clit and finger-fucks her pink pussy-hole for the last time, then he spreads her legs wide and drives home his point, packing Alyssa's wet cunt.

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