Wholesome Redhead Likes To Fuck Strangers

Wholesome Redhead Likes To Fuck Strangers

Brandy Dean found her calling in life in banging, blowing and using her huge 38DDD-cup tits to drain the balls of men.

Brandy gets hold of Al's cock and gives him her special head and jack technique that men speak of in awed tones.

The thing about redhaired vixen Brandy is that she never loses that corn-fed, Ohio-bred face. She doesn't look like a hardcore porn star. And Brandy has an unusual effect on guys in ordinary circumstances.

"Guys look," said Brandy. "They look at my tits. I can see that they're looking, but they don't come up and talk to me. Maybe they're intimidated. At least that's what I think. Men are thinking totally different than we are usually, but if we really think about it, we're all thinking the same thing, but we react different. Women usually aren't as bold as guys are. When I see a guy I might be interested in, I'm wondering if he's single. I don't see him with anybody, but I probably don't approach him just like he's not approaching me, so we probably aren't getting anywhere!"

While Brandy is swallowing Al's tubesteak, he is burying his face in her cleavage and sucking her nips. When it's time to fuck, Brandy does the rubber trick, putting it on his cock with her mouth. This street ho trick makes good bad-girl Brandy even badder, and that's even before she rides Al like his cock's a Pogo stick.

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Lexi Jiggles, Wiggles & Wriggles

Lexi Jiggles, Wiggles & Wriggles

"I truly do get a lot of attention because of my breasts," said Lexi Slade, a petite girl with 32G-cup boobs and large areolae. "The thing is, my boobs jiggle a whole lot simply by walking. I used to get so embarrassed about it but not anymore. I think it's great! And the attention is from both men and women." What Lexi may have once considered a liability is now an asset. She's busty and proud.

Lexi talked about dating.

"My favorite kinds of dates are the ones where I'm up all night binging on a new anime show. (Lexi loves hentai and Japanese-style cosplay.) Or when we stay up and play video games all night. I'm very introverted although I can be highly extroverted. I always preferred to stay inside than outside due to social anxieties.

"A lot of my sexual fantasies come from my favorite hentai animes. I have sex a lot because I'm a sex worker and lucky enough to be in a healthy relationship where we can have our own sex when we're not having sex for work."

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Korina Kova's Bounce House

Korina Kova's Bounce House

Korina Kova's path to modeling began with a wet T-shirt contest.

"I didn't even show my tits in that contest and people were throwing money like crazy. I was having a good time. I finished doing that and one of my good friends was webcaming. I was like, 'Is this actually a thing?' So I pursued that, and then I was lucky enough to hear from The SCORE Group."

Does Korina have any favorite fellow SCORE Girls?

"Some of my favorites are Codi Vore--I love all the stuff she does, and Demmy Blaze, who is a girl-crush of mine, she looks so sweet."

Korina's a super-woman but she's also very casual.

"I'm a pretty casual girl. If I'm not working, my hair's in a nice, little top-knot, not much makeup. I enjoy going out for walks with my dog and having coffee. Everyone who knows me knows I'm a coffee connoisseur. That's what gets me going in my day. I love to eat out, going to a restaurant with family and friends. Maybe Netflix and a bed picnic. And that finishes up a day for me."

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Shelby Gibson's First All The Way XXX Sex

Shelby Gibson's First All The Way XXX Sex

SCORE reader's wife (and a fan herself) Shelby Gibson makes her long-awaited comeback after a three year absence to complete her fantasy: a full-sex, all-the-way, XXX scene, fucking her favorite porn stud JMac, the people's choice.

When Dave announced on the SCORELAND Blog that he had just interviewed Shelby, the comment section exploded, proving that Team SCORE was not alone in hoping and wishing that Shelby would ultimately return to do that XXX fuck she fantasized about and talked about after she and JMac did a Tits & Tugs scene in 2015.

Shelby talked about her reaction to seeing her earlier shoots. She'll be feeling the same way, maybe even hornier, when she watches this scene.

"I watched them by myself and with my husband. My husband was right there when we did the shoot, which made it even hotter. It was hot, made me horny! Made me pleasure myself. We've seen the Tits & Tugs scene over thirty times.

"When I watch it with hubby, he goes nuts. He gets super-horny and so do I. He can't watch my videos alone without shooting his load. We've had sex many times watching it. It's a real turn-on. My first scenes have given me more confidence and allowed me to let go more. Having amazing sex with JMac at SCORE was one of my top three sexual experiences."

SCORELAND: Shooting the pictures and shooting the video are different experiences. Do you find both experiences equally enjoyable or do you find one more exciting than the other?

Shelby: You're right, they're a bit different. On one hand the pictures are tougher because we have to keep stopping the action and pose. But, on the other hand, it's nice doing the pictures first because it lets us ease into it and get used to each other. It really gets me even more in the mood. The pictures are exciting because it is the first time we got to suck and fuck. But the video is exciting because we don't have to stop. In fact, we kept fucking even when the camera wasn't rolling! Several times, the photographer actually left the room but we kept going because we were having so much fun! He would come back in the room and say, "Wow, you two are really into it!" We were!

SCORELAND: Did you specifically ask JMac to do anything you had been thinking about?

Shelby: Yes, I asked him to kiss me. It makes me hornier for him. And I asked him to lick my pussy. He made me cum several times last time and I wanted that again. So he did it to me again and made me so wet that I didn't need any lube to fuck him. Oh my God, it was hot!

SCORELAND: Dave's first blog posting about talking to you attracted over 60 comments. What was your first reaction to that?

Shelby: Yes, it got to 66 comments! I couldn't believe it! I still can't believe it! I think of myself as just a SCORE reader's wife having naughty fun. I'm not a professional model so it is even more flattering to know that I have so many fans. I hope that they like my new sets and let us know that they want to see more. I started an Instagram account, ShelbyGibson34HH.

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Amora Lee's Big Bust After-party

Amora Lee's Big Bust After-party

If Amora Lee didn't have a friend who recommended she try modeling, she wouldn't be here.

If Amora had gone ahead with the breast reduction she was thinking about, she wouldn't be here.

If Amora hadn't Googled "big-breasted models," she wouldn't be here.

If Amora had changed her mind about sending nude snaps to a company called SCORE that she had never heard of before, she wouldn't be here.

If Amora hadn't gotten divorced, she probably wouldn't be here.

That's a lot of ifs but you get the point. Sometimes a new, spectacular model arrives because of a random series of events that lead to SCORELAND.

What's also beyond the capacity of the mind to comprehend is why Amora's now ex-husband of 13 years wasn't a boob man.

Amora's friend asked her about her first time on-camera, and Amora told her, "Well, it's a little out of my norm. Well, no, it's a lot out of my norm, but I liked it."

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Stacked Brunette's Bust-Out

Stacked Brunette's Bust-Out

Big-boobed Jessica Roberts is a good-girl-next-door ready to turn bad girl with the big bone in no time at all. Ready to give her all and get her sex on in a hot and heavy-duty hook-up with SCORE stud king JMac. This laid-back babe will really get laid-back. If only all the big-boobed girls from Chicago were as eager to sow the wild oats as she is.

Jessica talked with SCORE's editor in the models' dressing room about her upcoming pipe-laying plans after having fucked in the photo set portion of this scene. A girl of few words and many laughs (she has a great sense of humor), Jessica just couldn't get the word "fuck" out of her mouth during their chat. "Sex" is the word she uses. She also uses her hands to describe cock size. Whatever the words, Jessica has many well-developed skills in the art of boffing, banging and bonking as you will see. Plus she can lick her own nipples, another appreciated skill.

On this day, Jessica's voluptuous body and big boobs are the new playground to enjoy. JMac plays with her hefty tits, pulling, sucking, licking and squeezing them. She tosses her clothes away and spreads her legs wide, wider, widest so he can see all the way inside her pure pink honey pot. After giving Jessica's tunnel of lust a finger banging and a tongue lashing, he fills her mouth with pumping prick and dangles his nuts over her to lick.

Jessica's natural jugs demand the skin-bus drive through her titty tunnel and she has great tits to slide between. No written invitation for this ride is necessary. Jessica's favorite form of foreplay is lots of tit-play including tit-fucking. What satisfies her best and gets her off? "A big, hard dick inside me."

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