One-On-One With Casca Akashova

One-On-One With Casca Akashova

"My breasts have a mind of their own," said Casca Akashova who debuted in a bikini and oil shoot. "I wear low-cut, unbuttoned blouses and tiny bikinis."

Casca likes to watch ice hockey, hike, walk her dogs, travel and read. She's a foodie and loves taking photos.

"I can be assertive or passive depending upon the situation I'm in and the person I'm with. I enjoy someone who listens to me and my body. A lady never kisses and tells but I'll tell you this, when you start, it's hard to stop.

Look for Casca's print magazine debut in SCORE Vol. 28 No. 5, coming this summer.

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Sports Or Big Tits?

Sports Or Big Tits?

Has the world's obsessive interest in sports pushed aside the healthier obsessive interest in big tits and negatively affected man's behavior? The trickle-down effect of this possibility impacts big-busted girls as well. And we do mean trickle-down, since this is a cream pie scene.

Sergio is glued to the TV while Scarlet LaVey is being extra-subtle in trying to distract his attention from men in tights to natural, big boobs in a tank top so low-cut, there's more fabric in a handkerchief.

Did we say big? They're huge.

Lovely Scarlet is nice and patient. We know some girls who would grab him by the neck and shove his head between their legs. Scarlet bides her time and rubs her pussy, book in her lap.

What book is that anyway? It's obviously not SCORE or Voluptuous magazine. It's titled Porn Star Secrets of Sex and it's written by Jeni West. Maybe the secret to attracting Sergio will be in this book or Scarlet can hit him over the head with it.

Finally Sergio wakes up from his sports-trance and gives his couch co-pilot some much needed nipple sucking. You can bet the spread that Scarlet will repay the favor a thousand-fold with some sport-sex and deep-throat cock-sucking.

Sports or big tits? The answer is obvious. It's the only way to score.

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Romanian Idol

Romanian Idol

Joana is a model who's gotten better looking and sexier over time. She was a looker when we first photographed her in 2004 but now she's an ultra-looker. Joana practices yoga and she is a vegan so these activities have contributed to her overall healthy, robust appearance.

Joana has slenderized since her early modeling days but she hasn't lost her boobage. Over time, her modeling skills and rapport with the camera have been honed to perfection. Her proportions and dimensions stop people in their tracks. Much better-known in Europe than in North America, Joana is the Romanian idol for other hopeful models in her nation.

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The Creamy Skin Of Siri

The Creamy Skin Of Siri

Have a question for Siri? She'll answer it in all the best ways with her lips, her tongue, curvy hips, her juicy tits. The young swinger with a wholesome, mid-American look loves showing off her beautiful, naked body and sport-screwing guys on-camera.

Siri is wearing a red plaid top knotted right under a red bra, and tight jeans. Her boff buddy Al provides the cock of the day. He handles her 32HH-cup tits and she gets totally naked. Siri is eager to be eaten out and Al laps her up like candy. She sucks his dick and cleavage-wraps it like it's a hot dog. She moves into blow job positions to show off her body and make the act of cock sucking as sexy as possible for the camera.

Siri lays back on the bed, legs spread wide open, ready to be injected by cock and enjoy a hot fucking. In one photo, sucking on cock, Siri spreads her smooth ass cheeks to show her pussy to the camera. In another, she fucks his dick in a reverse cow-girl position, spreading her legs wide to proudly show his cock penetrating her gorgeous cookie. In every picture, Siri is showing off her pussy or mouth being filled.

Al is simply a human dildo for her usage. She even lifts her beautiful face to the camera to show his load of hot man-butter dripping down her chin. Siri immerses herself in her unbridled exhibitionism.

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Katy Ann: Slim & Stacked World Domination

Katy Ann: Slim & Stacked World Domination

SCORE magazine editor Dave wrote about Katy Ann in the upcoming Vol. 28 No. 5 edition, "Katy Ann is the definition of a SCORE Girl. In fact, if we were asked what the perfect SCORE Girl looks like, she'd look a whole lot like newcomer Katy Ann: tall, blonde, super-slim and super-stacked. She has the kind of body that inspired the creation of SCORE 27 years ago: 5'7", 26-inch waist, J-cup tits. A living, walking fantasy doll."

"I live in Texas," said Katy Ann. "I've been doing a webcam for about eight years, and I kinda kept it under wraps. It was my dirty little fetish secret that I would do, and I had a regular life. I started with a little pictorial for Playboy. They were doing a little casting, and I did 'Girls of New York.' It didn't go anywhere, but I had a little feather in my cap and bragging rights to say, 'Oh, yeah, I was a Playboy model' for a little bit.

"But that was about it. I kept it under wraps. Nobody found out about it. People always say, 'Oh, if you do this, everybody's gonna find out.' Well, nobody found out what I did. So it's just more exposing myself to the world, literally and figuratively."

And the world is a better place for Katy Ann's decision.

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Amber Alena & The Two X-Men

Amber Alena & The Two X-Men

Ultra-babe Amber Alena did her first on-camera XXX at SCORELAND. Now Amber does her first on-camera threesome with pro studs Sam Shock and Codey Steele. There's a look of glee and joy on her pretty face throughout the entire three-way as they fuck and suck, having a wild time.

Wrote SCORE magazine editor Dave about Amber's magazine debut in Volume 28 No. 4, "Stroke your meat to Amber. She wants you to. She wants you to get off to her big tits and tight pussy. She wants to hear about it. Amber isn't one of those girls who doesn't want to know what you're doing when you're looking at her photos and videos. She's one of those girls who wants every drop of cum. She's a fuck doll. That's for sure. She has blond hair, a girly voice, huge tits and a tiny waist. She weighs only 120 pounds; a lot of that is boob. Some girls were simply made for SCORE. They were born for porn. Amber is one of those girls."

The man is a fan.

"I love it when I'm sucking his cock and he starts making sounds because he's enjoying it so much," said Amber about her oral skills that are celebrated in this scene. Here, Amber has two men to play with.

"I like to get really messy when I give blow jobs, but when the guy is ready to cum, I love swallowing it. I like getting tit-fucked. My favorite position for it is when I am on my knees, looking up at a man's eyes while he tit-fucks me. I like when a guy licks my tits, tit-fucks me, whispers in my ear and lots of touching and kissing. My sex drive is a 9. I can fuck for hours and hours...but I still need some sleep."

You'll cum away a believer, if you aren't already.

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