Funbag Fuckers

Funbag Fuckers

Most people do a double take when they learn that Brandy Dean is a porn star, stripper, model and all-around big-tit entertainer. Her hair is red. She's from Ohio. She has cornfed looks. She's cute. She looks innocent.

"Usually they just look at me very stunned," said Brandy. "Most people don't know what to say, or they'll say, 'I never would have guessed that.'"

Brandy used to tour the strip club circuit but no longer.

"I feature-danced for years. It's a little different on the feature scene so I'm not doing it now, but I enjoyed it. I was tired of the travel. I like to travel, but you get burnt out."

Brandy never shot much porn. Her videos are far and few between. She's not a prolific hardcore performer.

"I stay in contact with my fans. People email me, and a lot of them ask, 'When are you going to shoot again?'"

For some reason, Brandy doesn't get hit on when she goes out. We don't get that. When she enters a room, her jutting sweater-mounds precede her by several seconds.

"Guys look at me. I can see that they're looking, but they don't come up and talk to me. Maybe they're intimidated. At least that's what I think. It's a little weird. At a club they'll dance with other women before they'll dance with me."

Brandy is a fuck toy. Treat her good, be aggressive like the Funbag Fucker in this scene and she'll make your porny dreams come true.

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Bra Overload

Bra Overload

Voluptuous babe Alana Lace doesn't watch sports, play sports or work-out. She does however put on a really sexy bra show. Alana's 38DDD-cup boobs need a lot of attention and care.

"Most of the time, I wear tight clothes that show a lot of boobs when I go out," said Alana, a Florida native with that girl-next-door vibe that's a hallmark of V-mag. "I'm used to the attention so it's normal for me now."

Alana masturbates with a vibrator while watching amateur teen and lesbian porn. "Once, I pleased two girls orally (an all-girl threesome). I've also been with a married couple," Alana remembered. "I would love to have sex outdoors in public but only if I don't get into trouble!"

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I Like Cum In My Mouth

 I Like Cum In My Mouth

Eva Karera is Belgian. Belgium has a nearly non-existent porn scene, so Eva began shooting in France.

"I did not know anything about porn" she said. "I had seen maybe one or two DVDs, but on the Internet, it's easy to do research, so I contacted a company in France to do the casting thing. I thought I would have to pay to do a scene, and the next week, I was booked to shoot a scene in Paris that I got paid for, and I was like, 'Okay! That's good!' The funny thing was, when I showed up on-set, they asked me if I was doing anal in my personal life, and I said, 'Yes.' So I did anal in my first scene."

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Katy Ann: The SCORELAND Return

Katy Ann: The SCORELAND Return

Back at SCORELAND for your entertainment pleasure, Katy Ann is in all her beautiful glory and her boobs are even bigger now than they were during her previous visits. We missed her and so did the many who constantly emailed about her. Katy plays the game of green light/red light in the video version of this pictorial.

"I love the fantasy aspect of modeling," Katy Ann said. "It's a break from normal life, and getting primped is so much fun. I just feel like I'm a very sexual person. I love it all."

"Katy Ann was a pleasure to photograph," said our photographer, who's worked with hundreds of models. "She's a natural in front of the camera."

Every SCORE Girl we interview has a different philosophy about sex on the first date. Here's Katy Ann's take on that age-old question.

"If I don't take the guy seriously, I will have sex with him on the first date. If I like the guy, I will hold out on having sex for a bit. Not forever. If a woman doesn't have sex with you right away she might actually really like you and wants you to take her seriously."

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Jessica Bunnington: Date With A Sexy Bunny Baby

Jessica Bunnington: Date With A Sexy Bunny Baby

Jessy Bunny has a swanky restaurant date with Tom. While he waits for the hot young bra-buster to dress, Jessy chooses a super-bimbo outfit she thinks will blow his mind before she blows anything else. What she picks out is sure to help her make a spectacular entrance.

When Tom sees what Jessy is wearing, he changes his mind about going out. He thinks she's dressed too hot. Jealousy? Maybe. Jessy tries her best to change his mind and sits on his knee, her big tits in his face. They both forget about the restaurant when Tom sucks on her nipples. She fills her warm mouth with his cock while he fingers and licks her pussy, a warm-up to a hot fuck. Jessy is a screamer and cries out loudly as Tom plunges into her pussy.

"I love dates like shopping and going to a nice restaurant and then maybe some fun in a hotel later," Jessy told us. "I want every man and woman to look at my chest, which they always do. People stare and take photos of me when I'm out. I love it! That's why I came to SCORE, so all the guys out there who love big tits can look."

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Angie Bravo: Nature Walk

Angie Bravo: Nature Walk

Angie Bravo is out for a nature walk. She takes a trail that she knows is quiet and doesn't attract people because she has an idea. She's always wanted to play with her huge tits and masturbate outdoors. This woodsy area gives her the chance to do that.

After hiking for a while and not seeing any people doing the same, Angie picks out a spot to get naked, rub her boobs and deep-finger her pussy. Known on the internet as HugeTitsAngie, she thinks about one of her busty girlfriends, like Mer, sucking her nipples and feels them stiffen to her touch. Her breasts shake and bounce and her body trembles. She wonders if someone could be hiding behind a tree and going crazy watching her, but we didn't see anyone. She's free to cum.

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