Boob Science: Fast Bangs

Boob Science: Fast Bangs

A creation of Boob Science, Mandy (Daphne Rosen in the purple robe) is in charge of giving her makers Sheldon and Dexter a whole new life as players, a job she tackles with relish.

She and Dexter visit Mandy's favorite hair salon and her favorite stylist, Eva Notty.

"This is my newest project," Mandy tells Eva. "He needs some styling help that will make him popular with the ladies, Eva."

"Oh, I'm going to give you some trim, don't you worry about that," Eva knowingly tells the nervous nerd. The spa is called Fast Bangs but the banging is nice and slow.

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Korina Kova & Selena Adams: Seeing Double

Korina Kova & Selena Adams: Seeing Double

Selena Adams and Korina Kova are close to mirror images of each other. Beautiful, bodaciously busty and bootyful, Korina and Selena met in person in Las Vegas during the AVN Expo where they met lots of fans. It was the start of a beautiful friendship. They then made their way to Miami (Selena lives in the Magic City) and SCORELAND.

Beaming bosom buddies in every way, Korina and Selena wear skimpy tops and bottoms to start off this shoot and gradually get down to total nudity. They check each other out, getting great pleasure from being able to get up-close and personal, admiring each other's sexy bodies, touching, rubbing, twerking their ass, bouncing their big tits and enjoying the sight of each other.

Anatomy award winners, they are in sync, connected, with similar personalities, interests and goals.

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A Double Dick-down For A Big-titted Brunette

A Double Dick-down For A Big-titted Brunette

Luna shows off her smokin' sexy body while her two studs Sam Shock and Brad Newman watch and wait. When Luna was first asked if she would try a threesome, she wrote "I would consider it." Codi Vore needed a horny partner for a smashing party so Luna was invited. She accepted and she was fantastic. In this video, she says that this is her first time with two cocks.

Once all three get into bed, the guys take off her lingerie and heels. They make a Luna sandwich, sweet to eat, full of spice and everything nice. Each man takes a tasty tawny nipple and sucks. She gives each guy equal attention as they feast on her big tits.

Choosing sides is not easy. Brad fucks her in doggie, her favorite position. Sam gives her cock to suck on. Then they swap. Luna sits on Sam in reverse-cowgirl while Brad feeds her the beef. Luna switches direction, fucking in cowgirl and giving Brad head.

When the fucking ends, they douse Luna with big cum shots and load her mouth, but she's so hot, the fire in her is far from extinguished. Covered by their man-sauce, she plays with their nut, sticking her tongue out and licking her fingers.

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Ariane Saint-Amour: Skintight Makes Right

Ariane Saint-Amour: Skintight Makes Right

Montreal's cosplay and fetish star Ariane Saint-Amour once called herself an "Otaku geek girl" who spends her free time playing video games and reading mangas. She has a thing for clowns. The world needs more geek girls like this.

Have you ever had a sexual encounter with another girl?

Ariane: I am well-versed in girl-to-girl pleasures. I have a very "decent" strap-on at home for the ladies.

SCORELAND: Have you ever had sex in public?

Ariane: If there is a way to do it in public without getting into trouble, I tried it or will.

SCORELAND: Are you assertive or passive?

Ariane: I'm a switch.

SCORELAND: What satisfies you the best?

Ariane: A boy and a girl. Or two....

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My Living Busty Doll

My Living Busty Doll

The female sex-bots that companies are producing today are getting more and more far out. When JMac gets a big box delivered to his house, he doesn't know what the hell is going on. Maybe it was delivered to the wrong address.

He opens the top half and there "it" is in all "its" glory, a life-like replica of Savannah Stevens, perfect in all details. But is "it" or "she" a replica or something more? He must investigate. He pulls off the packing insulation and checks it out. The face, the big tits and the body look more than just the parts of an excellent mannequin. The skin feels like human skin. Soft. Pliable. Warm.

JMac sees a tag on the back. "Pull here to activate." A tug turns on a digital beeping sound. With a shudder and a deep breath that thrusts "its" bra-covered boobs forward, Savannah Stevens-droid opens "her" eyes and begins to move.

'What are you?" asks an eager JMac. "I feel so much better now" are the words that come out of her mouth. JMac carries her out of the rest of the box and examines her even more closely.

Does her mouth feel like a real girl's mouth? Is her realistic vagina like a real pussy? Does he need to program her or was that done before she was shipped out? What about batteries? Included? Does she also do windows? JMac is about to find out. He may never need to leave the house again with Savannah-bot licking and bouncing on his cock. And she'll never get a headache.

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Czeching Out Prague

Czeching Out Prague

One thing we've always wondered about is why the Czech Republic is such a great place to find big-boobed girls. Marketa, Veronika, Iva, Zuzanna, Cynthia Flowers, Lenka, Terry Nova, Shione Cooper, Katarina Dubrova, Krystal Swift--the list of hot babes is long and distinguished.

What is it about this country? The beer? The gene pool?

"I think it is the food," said Sophie, a master-class belly dancing instructor. "There's good energy in it. It's also very tasty. It's a little bit heavy but you know, that maybe helps. I like Czech dumplings, fish, chicken and creamy sauces."

Sophia might have something there. These foods definitely worked their magic on Sophie. Just looking at her gets a man hungry.

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