The Busty Bartender

The Busty Bartender

Boobs are like beer. Few like them flat.

Princess Pumpkins is perfectly happy doing her webcam thing and attending cosplay expos. It would be a bar owner's dream to have Princess as a busty bartender. She'd get the crowd boob-drunk all night.

SCORELAND: Have you always had a hairy pussy?

Princess: At first, I just had top bush. I didn't want to go through the itchy phase, and I didn't want to have to scratch my cunt while the hair was growing back.

SCORELAND: I love that word, cunt.

Princess: So do I. It's my favorite word. It can be used as an insult, in a good way, it's dirty, it's nasty. You can say, "She's a cunt" or "I'd love to suck on her cunt" or "She has such a pretty cunt." It works so many ways.

SCORELAND: I would imagine that it's hard for you to look down and shave. Your tits must get in the way.

Princess: Well, I kind of have to be on my back and looking down between my boobs if I'm shaving. It's not easy, so I don't do it too often.

SCORELAND: You might as well keep it as it is, right?

Princess: Guys like it. And for a while, I was dying my bush because I had dyed hair for a while. The carpet matched the drapes, but then I let it grow out and become fully natural. Guys just absolutely love it. I have these huge, fake boobs, I'm very petite, I'm young and I take off my panties, and, bam, '80s bush! It's a good combination. The only time I trim it a little bit is if I'm going to be wearing short shorts in a public place. I have to stay at least somewhat appropriate. I can't walk around families with my bush hanging out.

SCORELAND: What is the most important thing guys should learn about webcam girls or models in general?

Princess: I can't speak for the others but for me it's that I'm just as horny as you dream I am. I love to chat but I love to cum even more!

SCORELAND: What movie or book character are you most similar to?

Princess: The House Bunny. It's not much of a stretch but my personality matches my looks.

SCORELAND: What would surprise us about you?

Princess: I'm a great cook! And yes, often wearing nothing more than the apron, boys.

SCORELAND: Have you ever busted a strap in public?

Princess: Absolutely. These things are gigantic! With tits like these, a strap breaking isn't an if, it's a when.

SCORELAND: What is the sexiest outfit you've ever worn in public on an ordinary day?

Princess: It wasn't sexy on purpose but once I had a white top on with a white bra on a day without a cloud in the sky...until it started to rain like crazy. That outfit got very sexy, very fast.

SCORELAND: What do you wish you had more time for?

Princess: I wish I had more time for my art. Maybe I should doing nude coloring on cam. Thoughts?

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Fresh and Stacked

Fresh and Stacked

From waitress to SCORELAND Girl. Amy Berton said she is the adventurous type and her move from restaurant to breasturant proves it. Amy likes to try new things and have new experiences. Posing nude was on her list.

"When I was younger, I was embarrassed to get so much attention because of my chest, but now, on the contrary, I enjoy it," Amy said. "I like to wear tight T-shirts and tight dresses with a low neckline now."

A friend told Amy about SCORE. She was up for a change and eager to try the experience.

"I like to masturbate so I was comfortable doing it on-camera. I start slow and I imagine a guy licking my pussy. Sometimes I like to use a vibrator on my clit."

See Amy's interview in a separate bonus video.

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The Girl From Tokyo

The Girl From Tokyo

Kaho Shibuya is a popular adult model in Japan and a friend of Hitomi. She's been to America several times with a group of Japanese models to attend the adult expo in Las Vegas.

Kaho's English is excellent. Before she joined the adult industry in Japan, she was a newspaper reporter fresh out of college, covering sports and baseball in particular.

"I was the bustiest girl in school but since I've only been to girls-only schools from elementary to high school, I didn't experience the boys' curious eyes on my chest."

In her spare time, Kaho likes to play the ukulele. She demonstrates how she plays it, minus the actual ukulele, in her interview. She works out once a week if she's not busy. "Which I usually am..."

When she goes out, Kaho doesn't dress to show off her big boobs. "I don't, except for my porn and modeling jobs. I have a colorful selection of what I call 'cleavage sweaters.'"

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Mad Sex Skills

Mad Sex Skills

Sensual Jane likes to tease guys and then please them. Giving her fuck partners, like Neeo, an eyeful of her slim and shapely body and her natural, big tits is her way of preparing them for a hot pump and grind show. The Romanian export is relatively unknown in the U.S. and has never done any scenes in America. Europe is her playground.

Jane's bra gives her huge cleavage mounds and her killer legs and ass look unreal. Her slender, toned body amplifies her tit size. She makes Neeo wait just a bit before he can get his hands on this sexy and stacked brunette. Turning around, she sticks her ass in his face.

He takes off Jane's bra and feasts on her nipples and surrounding breast flesh. Getting into a doggie pose, Jane sucks on his log, her tits resting on his thigh. She sticks his dick between her jugs and fucks it, licking the cock head as it reaches her tongue on the upstroke. Neeo gets under her so he can tongue her pussy while she squats over him, then Jane lies back so Neeo can lick her cunny some more.

When Jane fucks and sucks a guy, she moves her body like a graceful dancer and she assumes the hot, slutty positions that make porn-sex so thrilling and horny. She's athletic and strong and has good muscle control. Sex is like a ballet or sport to her. "I can be dominant or submissive," Jane says. "It depends on my mood. I'm not a fetishist but I can be dominant sometimes." Jane knows that her partners like to look at her beautiful body while she's blowing or fucking them because the visual splendor adds to their erotic pleasure.

Jane and Neeo fuck in doggie, sideways, cowgirl and reverse-cowgirl. In photo 58, she sucks her nipple while she sits on his cock. In photo 64, a reverse-cowgirl fuck, Jane spreads her butt cheeks so we can get a good close-up look at her pink pussy hole before Neeo stuffs his dick back in it.

Jane's a sex perfectionist and knows all the right moves. Practice makes perfect.

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The Girl In Room 38G

The Girl In Room 38G

Taylor Steele has a wickedly funny sense of humor. Fun girls with big tits are a combination that can't be beat.

The fiesty Canadian likes to sing along to rap, rock and hip hop, and likes karaoke nights and going on road trips with her girlfriends.

"I always wear a bra because I love how my boobs look in a bra. I dress casually when I'm with my friends and like a porn star when I go out on a date. My idea of a perfect evening involves lots of sex in every possible position.

"I'm actually pretty boring. I would much rather stay home and make soup then go out and party any day. I like to be productive."

We have to disagree with Taylor here. She is the least boring girl ever.

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Bragg & Bounce

Bragg & Bounce

"I'm the first to admit that I'm not an actress," Brianna Bragg said. "What you see is what you get in my videos. I'm just being me. I do think that making porn videos is much tougher on the guy than it is on the girl. Women can fake it if they want to. Guys can't do that. They have to get it up and keep it up and that's a lot of pressure."

Brianna Bragg came from Clearwater, Florida, a city, like nearby Tampa, that seems totally populated by hot girls. Brianna could be Whitney Stevens' twin. They're nearly dead ringers although Brianna is much taller at 5'10". Brianna introduces herself by jumping, creating a 36DD sweater-quake.

An interview follows with Pike. Brianna was in the army, one of many interesting facts about her. She gets a breast exam, then some hands-on rubbing and nipple sucking. He gets a blowjob, fucks her big tits and fills her pussy-hole in missionary, doggie and cowgirl. She jerks his meat off all over her floppy jugs with her own hand, something we want to see instead of the guy doing it.

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Shannon's Breast Quest

Shannon's Breast Quest

"I love sunbathing on a secluded beach," Shannon Blue said. "I'm not a nudist. I tried it once in the UK. It was a very liberating feeling." It's impossible for Shannon to blend into the background and not get noticed. Not with that super-structure.

From being an office administrator to becoming a super-busty model at SCORELAND, on social media sites and on UK phone-in shows like Red Light, Shannon totally transformed her life and found her joy after she turned 50.

"I did a Channel 5 TV show in the UK called 'Oh My God, My Midlife Plastic Crisis.' It was filmed over four days and the camera followed me around.

"The sensitivity of my breasts is exactly the same as they were before I had my boobs done. There wasn't a change. My nipples have always been quite sensitive. I like my boobs squeezed but mainly I like to have my nipples licked."

Shannon also practices waist-training. "I want to have the best boob-to-waist ratio I can get."

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Korina Kova: Canadian Heatwave

Korina Kova: Canadian Heatwave

Korina Kova used to live the nine-to-five lifestyle but that didn't give her the satisfaction and the freedom she wanted. She became a dancer, did webcam shows and now makes her own videos. We sent her a link to and she made contact.

Korina has beauty, big boobs and booty. When she was growing up, her teacher pulled her aside and made her start wearing a bra. She likes chill dates, good food and good company. Korina doesn't play sports or have any favorite teams. In her spare time, when she has any, she rescues animals.

Korina is a natural on-camera, with very hot, ultra-sexy moves. She begins with a short chat so you can get to know her first and then gets into her sensational show.

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It's A Busty Booty Call Thing

It's A Busty Booty Call Thing

It's a busty booty call thing for hot young thang Milly Marks and her breast and butt worshiping friend Tommy Pistol. As sweet as candy, Milly shakes her heavy tits at him and that's enough to turn him into a maniac, desperate for a sexing with the brunette stunner. This girl has absolute power.

"Being young and beautiful is incredibly fun and a powerful feeling," Milly said in a chat.

By the time the smoke from their lust-drenched bodies clears the room, they'll have fucked their brains out, ending in a hot anal drilling.

"I love butt stuff. Some guys have cum in my ass. It doesn't happen a lot, but
when it does, I like it."

Since she debuted, many loads have been lost in tribute to this Voluptuous Model of the Year winner and covergirl. It's a guy thing.

"You're going to love my titties and you're going to jerk off to them and cum a lot!" is Milly's standing order to SCORELAND guys. "And I hope you write letters and make comments and let me know how much you loved them and what you did when you were looking at them. And maybe I'll lay in bed reading the comments and masturbate while I'm reading them, so it can be like we're doing it together!"

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Expert Bra Testing By Micky Bells

Expert Bra Testing By Micky Bells

At this point, Micky Bells is qualified to be a bra expert and help other breast-blessed women find the right bras. Micky tries on different bras, including a maternity bra, does some truly amazing feats of self-sucking and gives herself the finger.

Micky has broken her bra and swimsuit straps many times. "The cups must fit perfectly before I buy a bra. My bras seem to last only two or three months so I have many bras that I don't wear.

"When I am on my webcam, the guys want to see a lot of boob play. They like to see me suck and lick my nipples. Everyone loves to see me suck both nipples at the same time. I liked making this video because it has a lot of sucking. I know the guys at SCORELAND will like it."

I buy new bras online almost every month," Micky told us. "I try it on at home. If doesn't fit, I change it. I don't have a favorite bra company but I prefer round-shaped bras. Usually the big size bras are just white, black or beige. So my most important need is comfort and support. I wear a bra at home. I usually wear a sports bra when I go to the gym. I couldn't find a sports bra that fit me after my pregnancy. I didn't wear any nursing bras because I didn't find one that fit me properly so I wore a normal one."

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