Wet Tee Teaser

Wet Tee Teaser

Hitomi didn't leave the swanky house in that sexy outfit she's wearing in this photo set and matching video. No one wanted to cause a riot in the streets and, trust us, that would have happened. Even back home in Japan, Hitomi doesn't dress this hot when she goes outside. She would need bodyguards, plus she likes a low-profile in public.

Off-camera, Hitomi is like any modern young girl. She has her smartphone and her closet packed with sex-kitten outfits, lingerie and heels. Hitomi's hobbies are karate, cooking and video gaming. She adores her small dog Cha Cha and takes loads of photos of them together.

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Oily Boob Massage Sex

Oily Boob Massage Sex

Barbara Angel has a back ache, so she goes to a spa for a massage. Maybe that will give her some comfort. "Maybe it's because of my breasts," Barbara tells her masseur George, who can see that Miss Angel is packing some mighty big boobage in her bra. No problem. Big boobs are his specialty.

Barbara strips off and climbs onto the massage table. Her massage starts off routinely enough but quickly escalates to a mutual tonguing of pussy and cock, then oily fucking in a variety of horny tabletop positions. George and the Angel slam into each other hard and fast, screaming loudly when they cum. Barbara licks up the spilled cum off George and flashes a satisfied smile.

SCORE: Barbara, what do you remember about this massage?

Barbara: There was a lot of oil in this scene and it was very nice. George was good at sex. I enjoyed it. I like the different ideas in my shoots with the guys.

SCORE: Have you ever had a professional massage which led to sex?

Barbara: Professional massages no, but a few times the massages at home got sexy.

SCORE: Do you like this kind of role play on-camera?

Barbara: Yes, sure. At the beginning, it's fun and then you really play.

SCORE: Do you role play with a boyfriend at home?

Barbara: Yes, often. My favorite game is doctor and obedient patient.

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Victoria Lobov: Super-sex With A SCORE WILF

Victoria Lobov: Super-sex With A SCORE WILF

"Ice cubes and a nice big cock make my nipples stiff. JMac comes to mind," beautiful, willowy and chesty blonde Victoria Lobov told us. She'd seen his videos in action with other women. This was Victoria's turn and she was not let down.

"I'm very submissive. I love it when a guy takes the lead. I don't have a preference for cock size. I love any cock size, big or small. As long as it squirts. I like it when my boobs are covered in cum. It makes my skin so smooth and silky."

Big boobs made Victoria feel hotter, more passionate, erotic and hornier. She's currently a 34G.

"It was always my man's idea. But I always thought it was a good idea as well. I like it too. Sex is much more passionate and intense. I have mirrors in the bedroom and I love watching myself riding my hubby. I love to see my own big boobs bouncing. When he cums I like to spit it out and rub it all over my breasts. I like cum in my mouth or my pussy for different reasons. I like variety. I love it when my man is forceful, but not rough. The highlight is when he shoots his load deep inside me. The feeling of such a forceful ejaculation makes me scream and cum. I'm passive, so I like when a guy takes charge and makes my head spin."

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Alexsis Faye Will Make Your Day

Alexsis Faye Will Make Your Day

A one-woman film studio, Alexsis Faye does it all. We caught up with busy Alexsis, now with blond hair and still as sexy as ever.

SCORELAND: Alexsis, it's very nice to see you again. Have you been able to enjoy your passion for travel since the last time you were at SCORELAND?

Alexsis: I had to cancel some of my trips but I managed to go this summer to Bulgaria to get some nice tanning and enjoy a cocktail next to the beach. Also with so much staying inside the house, I felt the need to go outside and enjoy nature, walking through the forest or visiting local attractions around my area like the Berca Mud Volcanoes and The Living Fires of Lopatari.

SCORELAND: Those locations are like alien planets. Do you still indulge in gardening when you are not shooting?

Alexsis: I am still gardening and enjoying the chili peppers I am growing this time.

SCORELAND: Are there girls at SCORELAND you are impressed with?

Alexsis: Yes, I follow some of the SCORELAND models and I have my favorites. I like blonde girls with blue eyes so the ladies I like are Dolly Fox, Angela White, Angel Wicky and Katerina Dubrova.

SCORELAND: You mentioned last time that the step-mom role play was popular with your fans. You look much too young for this fantasy. Why do you think it's a big request with some of your followers?

Alexsis: I was surprised too that I started to get requests like that. But sometimes I am asked to do this role play on webcam shows even four times a day, so I started to get used to it. More uncanny was my role play as a 78-year-old grandma!

SCORELAND: Alexsis Faye, always a pleasure to see you.

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The Universal Language of Big Boobs

The Universal Language of Big Boobs

Shara Lopez is causing a big stir at the office. She walks around wearing the tightest skirts and tightest, open blouses. Her serious rack is distracting the male employees and they can't think straight since she was hired. This is one of Shara's super-powers: making guys loco in the coco.

Tony takes Shara into a private office to talk to her about the company dress code. Now, Shara doesn't speak English and Tony doesn't speak Spanish so there's room for confusion. He tells her she should button up but Shara thinks he's telling her to unbutton and she's more than eager to do that and show him her tits. This is like waving a steak at a dog.

Tony forgets his so-called code of office behavior and proceeds to lick and suck Shara's hot nipples. She quickly gets naked, he copies her, and she drops to her knees to swallow his dick and nuts and tit-fuck him. This Latina hottie has him by the balls. They get it on, and when Shara gets it on, she loves to play with her big boobs, a great thing.

Tony has his hands full as Shara writhes and grinds in rhythm with his thrusting. She is a superstar of super-sex. He has Shara promise not to tell anyone at the office they fucked at work. Whatever happens, it was worth every second. Secretaries like her don't cum along every day of the week.

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Deep In Tahnee's Ass

Deep In Tahnee's Ass

"I love big dicks," Tahnee Taylor said. This is a very generously-nasty scene thanks to Tahnee's sexual super-powers. "Big dicks go with big tits. I like it when a man sucks my nipples. They're very sensitive. Men always go for my big breasts."

Tahnee is sitting in an armchair and filling her asshole with a big toy when Jeremy approaches, cock out and ready to service the big blonde. She opens her mouth and in goes his prick.

They move to the bed so Tahnee can spread her legs wide as she continues her blow job, the toy still going in and out of her ass. Tahnee takes the toy out and wants Jeremy to fuck her pussy. He does so with great pleasure. They put the toy back in her asshole while he's fucking her.

When Jeremy gets Tahnee into an ass-up, face-down position, he takes the toy out of her butthole and sticks his dick inside it to fuck Tahnee's ass. What a big-boobed, cock worshipping woman!

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