Vee For Vixen

Vee For Vixen

Sexy Vee VonSweets is minding the flowers and watering them. As sweet as the flowers she's tending, Vee turns the spray on herself and spritzes her low-cut dress. The wet fabric sticks to her big tits and we can see her dark nipples under the fabric. Vee better get out of those wet clothes. And now that Vee's naked, she can give us a cum-show. Flowers are nice but seeing Vee play with her big boobs and pussy is much nicer.

Vee uses her fingers to cum in this scene but she also likes to use toys at home.

Says Vee, "I use both a dildo and a vibrator, but I prefer a vibrator, or vibrators that have another piece attached to it so it's like a dildo and a vibrator. You can use it on your clit and inside you at the same time. Those are good. I have those."

Vee mentioned on her bio sheet that she got an anal toy to experience some beginner's ass play.

"I got an anal toy because a lot of people on the webcam bring up anal questions, and I don't have too much experience with it but I'm not against it. So I put something called 'My First Time Anal Toy' on my wish list and somebody got it for me, and I liked it. It's kind of small because it's your first toy, but it's a little bit bigger than your finger and it vibrates, so I had a good experience with that."

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The Big Boobed Body Rub Bang

The Big Boobed Body Rub Bang

Your assignment is to give Roxi Red a full-body, nude rub-down. It's the assignment of a lifetime. Shot in P.O.V., it's your hands on Roxi's curvy body and impossibly huge, all-natural breasts and your cock between them. It's your cock in her mouth and fucking her pussy. And your explosion of man-juice all over her huge tits, for which she thanks you.

There are very few built like Roxi, one of the biggest boobed girls ever at SCORE.

SCORELAND member Seth commented, "She carries all that dream beauty in a seductive and mesmerizing way that allows any shoot or vid she produces to be an absolute must-see. Any clothes, any location and any style of shoot, Roxi radiates uber-curves and hotness of superior dreams and fantasies."

Roxi reminds us, "I always like to watch my videos and I always enjoy them. I'm been looking forward to seeing this one since we made it. I hope all the guys have a great time. I'd like to know what they think."

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A Mature Bra-buster For All Men

A Mature Bra-buster For All Men

"I like teasing, flirting, touching and then fucking," said Tahnee Taylor, a mature, bra-busting, brickhouse divorcee for all seasons. "There's always plenty of time for fucking, and by the time the teasing is over, we're both really worked up. I like to have sex at least two times a day." Two times a day? No wonder she needs men with a lot of stamina and fully-loaded balls.

"I like foreplay. I love big cocks. It goes with big tits. I like when a man sucks my nipples. They're very sensitive. Men always go for my breasts.

"Men and women are always staring at my chest. I've had men say to me, 'Could you please tell your titties to stop staring at my eyeballs?' Guys are always holding doors for me and looking down my shirt while I'm passing them."

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The Incredible SCORELAND Pair: Sofia Damon & Kim Velez

The Incredible SCORELAND Pair: Sofia Damon & Kim Velez

Watch and enjoy two sexy Colombian superstar SCORELAND girls with big, juicy tits and big, cheeky asses when they meet at the pool for a day of sun, fun, friendship and pleasure. You have a ringside seat for the incredible pair Sofia Damon and Kim Velez. The girls both wear American flag bikinis on this afternoon and that's also appreciated.

When Sofia arrives, Kim hands her a glass. "I have a glass of wine for you. The wine that you like so much."

Sofia lifts her glass to her friend and to all of us, their fans.

"Cheers, friend, for us being together and because it's a wonderful day," Sofia says.

Kim and Sofia go into the pool to cool off their hot bodies. Their bikinis come off and they admire each other's big, natural breasts, feeling' licking and sucking them, and self-sucking them. The fun-loving amigas put on a demonstration of the laws of floating breasts. We're always interested in higher education and this is very informative.

"Look how they float," Sofia laughs.

"Why use floats when we have boobs?" Kim says.

At poolside is a table with two big dildos. Kim and Sofia fuck their pussies with them in a display of synchronized toying. "The neighbors are outside," whispers Sofia with a smile. "So we have to moan softly."

They are the incredible pair.

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Holly Wood Makes It Hard

Holly Wood Makes It Hard

Nicky Rebel needs a girl with superpowers to spend quality time with at his swanky high-rise overlooking the city. She's as close to him as his telephone. When his dial-a-date supergirl, Holly Wood, arrives, Nicky's temperature rises at first sight. He doesn't know where to start first with this eye-full tower of female power. Holly's huge tits? Her bountiful booty? So much girl, so little time. It'll take a while to explore the wonders of Holly's anatomy-award winning, statuesque body.

"I can't see when the ass men are paying attention," Holly said. "They're behind me! I really feel the attention now because my tits are just so big and people can't stop staring at them. And I'm sure they want to touch them and they're imagining me without my shirt. There are a million naughty thoughts running through their minds and it's blatantly obvious when they're in front of me. Men cannot hide their faces very well. The double-takes, the gawking. Even women. It's great! I'll take all the attention. That's why I'm Holly Wood.

"So many people have been messaging me and asking me when I'm coming back to SCORE and SCORELAND and why they haven't seen me in a while, so I'm really excited to make my big-titty debut right here, right where I started. New and improved Holly Wood 2.0."

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Dominno: Fresh Set

Dominno: Fresh Set

The slim, slinky and busty Czech porn star delivered in 2008 when we first filmed her in Prague, then a few months later that year, Dominno joined the SCORE staff in an old castle in Hungary for more.

2008 was a big year for Dominno. She was the covergirl for the DVDs Stacked Street Sluts, SCORE P.O.V. and Stacked & Serviced, and she shared the cover of Hooter Hotel with Katarina Dubrova.

Dominno retired from porn and moved into glamour shoots for a while. We read that Dominno got married and her wedding was filmed for a Czech reality show. The guests arrived on motorcycles.

SCORE magazine editor Dave met Dominno in Hungary during a major shoot week and directed her scene in Stacked & Serviced. She played a building maintenance worker who screwed in a new light bulb for a tenant and then screwed his pants off.

We reconnected with Dominno for new scenes, including hardcore. It's nice to have her back at SCORELAND. She always delivers.

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