My Living Boob Doll

My Living Boob Doll

Sandra Milka said she had small tits but that changed when she hit 16. Then they began their growth spurt to their present F-cup size. "Now I live all my dreams," said Sandra. The brunette top-popper lives in Spain but makes porn all over Europe when she feels like it. Her SCORE scenes were shot in the Czech Republic.

The living boob doll pairs off with Thomas. He feasts on Sandra's big Spanish tetas and tongues her cunt, her juices coating his face. She jumps his cock with a messy blow job and tit-fucks him. Reaching the point of no return, it's time for them to do the dirty dance. This sexy senorita gags for a big bang.

"I need sex every day," Sandra says. "I like sex in public places and I like what Americans call quickies. I love to feel the cock inside me. I love cum. I am a very passionate girl."

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Gya's Global Warming

Gya's Global Warming

Gya Roberts is a happy-go-lucky, always cheerful girl--the kind of girl who wakes up in the morning, jumps out of bed and looks forward to the day with excitement and anticipation. And this exuberant personality of hers bursts right through her photos and videos.

Gya is sensational in a very tight dress and stockings. Her body is traffic-stopping. This girl has a body to love. She could just stand there naked and smile and we would be happy, but she chooses to bless us with another of her special gifts: Gya is great at self-sucking her nipples. This is a rare skill. Many very busty naturals simply can't raise their nipples to their mouths, let alone suck them. But Gya is awesome at it.

As TSG editor Dave wrote about Gya's sucking talent, "With Gya, self-sucking her nipples seems to be an obsession, not a part of the sex act but the act itself. It's something she relishes, something she can't stop doing. I've never seen a girl self-suck her nipples so lustily and so often. This girl cannot keep her nipples out of her mouth."

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Sex In The Pink

Sex In The Pink

Born in Russia and living in England, Jordan Pryce loves dressing in pink, one of the two sexual colors, the other being red. We'd bet that her home is decorated in pink, like Hollywood legend Jayne Mansfield's. Jordan's a pink fuck doll and even calls herself "JordanFuckDoll" on Twitter.

Jordan is not all about big boobs although she comes close.

"Big boobs are my fetish," says Jordan. "I love looking at them and playing with them. It's all about boobs for me. I am into girls, especially girls with big boobs. I like sucking on a big-boobed girl's nipples, and I will eat her pussy, too. I think big boobs are the most beautiful things in the world."

Does Jordan 'bate in front of a mirror when there's no cock to fuck so she can see herself lick and rub her tits? It's a good question to ask her.

Jordan said one of her sexual fantasies is to have a 250-man creampie. That was a new one, even for us.

"My problem is, many times when I am with a man, they don't even fuck my pussy. I am very good at giving blow jobs, even with big cocks, and sometimes they cum in my mouth or on my boobs before they have had a chance to fuck my pussy, so it would be very exciting to have 250 men fuck my pussy and cum inside of me. I don't get a lot of cum in my pussy.

"You have never met a girl who loves cum as much as I do. I love when men look at my pictures and videos and tell me how they played with their cocks and shot their loads while looking at me. I love thinking about all that cum, and it's all because of me!"

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On Location Grand Bahama Natalie Fiore

On Location Grand Bahama Natalie Fiore

It's a fact that there's something about the beach that brings out all the sexiness in a babe.

This was shot when the beach was deserted so that Natalie Fiore would feel completely comfortable. Natalie is, at heart, a conservative woman, an exhibitionist in private but reserved in public.

"I have known a few men who were shy and were a little too gentlemanly and wouldn't try anything intimate or sexual with me," Natalie said. "If I liked them enough I would be a little more aggressive and at least let them know that it was okay and that I wanted them to hold me or kiss me. After that they usually knew how I felt and they loosened up and took the lead from there. If they didn't, I gave up and usually didn't go out with them again."

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Beautiful, Busty Brunette Is Ready To Pop

Beautiful, Busty Brunette Is Ready To Pop

"I always wear a bra," Princess Angel said. "Only at home am I without one. My boyfriend buys bras for me. It is his fetish. He is crazy about my boobs and is always playing with them. He cannot keep his hands off me."

Angel is about ready to pop so our photographer had to work fast. You never know when filming a pregnant girl so close to her due date.

Between this shoot and a second one, Princess gave the photo team some background info.

"I like romantic dates that make me feel like a princess and very well looked after. I am sexually passive and I like to have my pussy licked. That makes me cum the hardest. I love to masturbate. If I don't have sex every day, I have it every second day. My favorite position is doggie. I like it deep and hard and doggie is the best for me."

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Nyx Monroe: Nyx Is Wild For Kicks With Brick's Dick

Nyx Monroe: Nyx Is Wild For Kicks With Brick's Dick

Hot for kicks and big dicks, lithe and nubile Nyx Monroe meets porn stud Brick Danger. The tiny but topheavy honey's boobs are in good hands. They have a fun time talkin' tits and Brick makes giggly Nyx laugh. Let the good times roll.

Lovin' her rack, Brick finger-spanks Nyx's shaved pussy and licks it. Nyx swallows Brick's prick, getting it all the way in, and sucks his nuts. He fucks her big tits first, then stuffs her wet pussy with cock in five positions. After pounding Nyx from behind, Brick coats her big tits. She licks his cum off her boobs and rubs the rest in. We're impressed with the pretty brunette's high sex drive and skills.

"I'm not a huge fan of foreplay," said Nyx who came our way from an agent. "I love getting head. And when a guy cums, I swallow. Every. Single. Time."

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