Taylor Leigh wants you to jack off

Taylor Leigh wants you to jack off

Today, 47-year-old wife and mom Taylor Leigh is going to help you jack off.

What? You don't need any help? We're sure that's true, but Taylor is going to make the experience a whole lot better with nearly 15 minutes of jack-off encouragement as she pulls her panties up her well-fucked pussy, plays with her tits and does her thing with a big, flesh-colored toy. There's nothing like a dirty-talking mom, and Taylor is the best.

40Something: Have you watched the scenes you've shot for us?

Taylor: Most of them but not in their entirety. I have a thing about watching myself. As long as my man says I did good, that's all that matters.

40Something: Did you watch them with your husband?

Taylor: Yes.

40Something: What did you think about them?

Taylor: I thought they were so incredibly hot and my man still can't stop watching them.

40Something: Have you had sex while watching your scenes?

Taylor: Yes, in fact, I have! It was so cool!

40Something: Has shooting for 40Somethingmag changed you at all?

Taylor: I'm not sure "change" is the right word, but I definitely have more confidence and have learned a ton regarding modeling. The SCORE Group has a top-notch staff all-around, and it's hard to beat their level of professionalism, respect and attentiveness. My first shoot is also the subject of a chapter in my book, SeXXXperience. Thanks to all of you!

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Under Construction

Under Construction

And you wanted to know why labor costs are so high for construction budgets today. It's because the female workers like Kerry Marie are playing with their great, big, greasy tits instead of laying the foundation. And the bloody male workers are too busy watching her and wanking while she does it. It's no surprise that these filthy punters are spunking off over Kerry's antics when they should be laying pipe! Look! Look! Ten minutes in and a dirty minger is pawing her oily jugs with his grabby hands! No wonder we're behind schedule! And who the bloody hell authorized a bloody dildo to be attached to a drill to make a drill-do? That's clearly against the union rules. It's enough to drive a construction foreman to go for a box lunch! (This video is part of the DVD Busty Kerry Marie Volume 2.)

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Your Sexy Hair Stylist

Your Sexy Hair Stylist

What a cool chick. Valory Irene is not a hair stylist but that's a nice fantasy to get worked up over. We've all had lady hair cutters stick their tits (sadly covered-up) in our faces. Some of us won't settle for anything less. So Valory playing lady barber in a hair club for men is something to relate to. And when the customer leaves so Valory can get in your face... even better. Being in a closed hair salon with a stacked, naked beauty is an event to strive for. We're still looking for a real hair stylist who has a stacked body, big tits, a pretty face and will show it off for our cameras. Needless to say, this is a very difficult, unfulfilled goal but one that should not be abandoned.

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Demmy Blaze: Love For Lingerie

Demmy Blaze: Love For Lingerie

Special delivery for Demmy Blaze.

It can only be...

New lingerie for this bra-busting lingerie lover. Sweet and lovely Demmy can't wait to try on her new purchases. Some girls collect pottery. Demmy collects brassieres. Her bra looks like it won't be able to contain her enormous breasts. There's bound to be some spillage of boobage.

"I would like a T-shirt that reads "Big Power Boobs," said Demmy.

"I'm a very kind person. My heart is bigger than my boobs. My sense of humor is very strange. For example, I like the movie Jackass."

"Demmy is soft and kind, but she's definitely not shy," one of our photographers noted. "She's sweet and gentle. She doesn't have a strong personality. She's mellow."

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Demmy Blaze: Love For Lingerie

Demmy Blaze: Love For Lingerie

Being a lingerie deliveryman has its advantages.

When the customer is as sweet and as stacked as Demmy Blaze, it's a total win-win. Demmy is so nice, she even invites you into her house to watch her try on her latest purchase. Better than a tip!

Demmy opens the package to find a bra and panty set, made by Censored, plus white stockings and a sheer robe. Taking off her zippered top and plaid skirt, Demmy puts on her new lingerie and looks pleased. Her huge, HH-cup boobs spill over her bra, a wave of breast-flesh that can't be contained.

"I have found my life path as a model," said Demmy. "People tell me I have found my calling in life. I was training to be a customs officer and spent many hours in study for that career. Then I was offered a modeling assignment. That was the beginning of a new life for me." And one Demmy has excelled at.

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Kiki True: Busty Baby Doll

Kiki True: Busty Baby Doll

"The kids in school used to call me FC for flat chest," said Kiki True. "Then it was like, boom! Boobs the very next year. Nobody made that joke anymore. I played tons of sports in high school and college. My favorite sport however was lacrosse. It's a brutal sport but I got to wear a cute skirt. I loved that."

Kiki's first job was in the car business.

"I loved working in the automotive industry since I love cars, and I enjoyed helping people find cars they loved."

Kiki is an action hobby enthusiast.

"In my spare time, my recreational activities are mostly outdoors. I love water sports, hiking, shooting, and camping. Anything outdoors really speaks to me. I especially love the water."

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